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Problem Oriented Policing [POP]

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Policing as any other branch of service needs its own research. It needs to keep one step ahead of the perpetrators of each type of crime [1]. Robbing and mugging of high end car drivers during late nights has been witnessed in Bangalore for some time. [2]

Recently a Techie, driving alone his Maruti Balino car to office in broad day light, was waiting for the signal at Koramangala Forum Mall junction. A person on foot knocked the closed window on the far side. The Techie foolishly lowered the window to talk. At the same time another person diverted his attention by knocking the driver side window. The two guys vanished in the crowd in no time after the first took the high end mobile lying on the seat.

The person registered the complaint no doubt. He was told that every day such complaints are very common. Obviously the police are an over worked lot. 


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Mobile Tracking

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It seems that any personal info on the lost mobile can be wiped as soon as it is switched on with a suitable request to the company. I adiviced the Baleno owner that he should request the company to help police to apprehend such culprits. This will be a boost to the sales department of the company. 

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IMEL Number

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Venkatesh K, an executive in a telecom company, registered a police complaint after losing his mobile phone in the office. The police tracked down the phone using the International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) number of the instrument. The phone was with a colleague. When he realized that the police were tracking him, he promptly returned the phone to Venkatesh.  According to a police officer, cops can track a lost instrument if they are given the IMEI number immediately after the phone goes missing. 

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Credit Card

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Banks can trace the location where credit cards are swiped

A wannabe security guard thought he had struck it rich when he found a lost credit card. But his ignorance of how they work landed him in the police net within three days.  The accused is Kiran Kumar, a 32-year-old resident of Girinagar. He has been charged with illegally using the credit card of Dr Bharath Bhushan to purchase grocery and furniture worth Rs 80,000.

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Trained Juvenile Pocket mars

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"Arvind, a private company employee, and his wife, Anita, were at a darshini in Jayanagar 4th T block, anticipating a leisurely breakfast last Sunday.

As he waited at the crowded self-service counter to collect their dishes, he had his high-end Samsung and a note in one hand. When the couple’s dishes came to the counter, he put the phone in his trouser pocket before picking up the food. That was precisely the moment a young pickpocket, moving around innocuously in the darshini, was waiting for.

The boy had had his eye on the phone for a while, but snatching it was not an option. Then, when the moment of strike arrived, he weaved his little body through the crowd, eased out the largish mobile from the victim’s pocket and back tracked out of the restaurant with the phone concealed under a news paper. Two minutes later, Arvind was rudely shaken by the nasty sensation of an empty pocket and a missing mobile."

For the Bangalore Miror article with CCTV action shots click here comment guidelines

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