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The Precious Bangalore sewage Water

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There is a grim shortage of funds in BBMP and government of Karnataka coffers. Tarring of road in front of my house was conveniently left out sighting empty BBMP coffers.

The Sewage pipeline network of the city is not able to sustain the unprecedented vertical growth of the city. The government has taken the easy way out by diverting the sewage water in to the storm water drain network of the city. It is this sewage water which is flowing during the major part of the year to Tamil nadu via Dakshina Pinakini River. It looks like that this is going to be future norm.

The Karnataka government’s proposed Rs 42-crore lift irrigation project to utilize sewage water that flows through the Varthur valley (erstwhile Dakshina Pinakini River) to fill up dried up tanks on the outskirts of Bangalore city has been objected by Lok Sabha member from Krishnagiri E G Sugavanam, who raised the issue in Parliament during the budget session in March.

Now the TN government is fighting for the Bangalore Vartur Valley sewage water! 


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have seen this river..

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Dakshina Pinakini mostly a rivulet, is a small stream which crosses the Krishnagiri highway just after Ashok Leyland factory after flows next to Thorapalli..the birth place of Rajaji..

The question is why is blr releasing sewege into rivers and waterbodies? They should stop this or get the STP working effectively..

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Contour Map

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Lines on a weather map connecting points of equal atmospheric pressure or temperature are well known to TV viewers. Different value contour lines will thus never meet. Any river basin represents a set of points on continuously diminishing value contours. Natural Lakes are water bodies where the river encounters increasing levels all around. With dams we get the man made lakes. We can see the dams usually with roads on all Bangalore lakes.

Thus the sewage water disposal is best done in an exclusive sewage lake outside the city. When the city outgrows these sewage lakes the sewage needs to be bypassed / treated. BBMP has failed miserably in this respect, by their mismanagement. comment guidelines

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