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Armchair Tour of the Bellandur Lake

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We start the tour of the lake from the Army Land   side of the lake by a click on the bold underlined link. Locate the cross hair position at the center (+ Mark in my browser) of the browser.  Move the picture to the right with the left button down. Locate Army officer’s colony rectangle and left click on it. The Wiki location frame will pop up. You can see a photograph Icon on the left hand top of the frame. You need to click on that icon to view the attached picture.

The tour is now simple. With left mouse down drags you can go round the lake and explore each marked rectangles / polygns.  


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First Lot of ten Locations

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1.      Army officers Colony Satilite Map Google

2.      Army Area with defunct Dairy Farming

3.      K&C Valley Sewage Treatment Plant

4.      STIR CABS

5.      NAL Belure

6.      Kempa Pura Old Fish Market

7.      Pearl Paradice Layout

8.      Azim Premji outhouse

9.      Shree Shore Developers

10.  Srimati Anasuya Wetland

Kindly note that I have given 3 links for the first Location above. Wikimapia provides multiple view options including those of google. 

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Second lot of ten Locations

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  1. Manish
  2. Duggalamma Devi Temple-1
  3. Duggalamma Devi Temple-2
  4. Koni Krishnareddy land-1
  5. Hindus Burial Ground Bellandur
  6. Bellandur Mosque
  7. Patel Chikka Venkatappa Reddy Sons
  8. Koni Krishana Reddy Land-2
  9. Ramakrisnan in Bangalore
  10. Srinivas sir house

We have now reached the back entrence to Shobha Flats enclave after passing through co conut groves, play grounds etc, of Bellandur Village.

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