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Dangerous Hospitals this time

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Recently a fire tragedy killed many patients at a Kolkata hospital. The trusties of the hospital were arrested.

One of Kolkata’s better-known super-specialty hospitals turned into a gas chamber in the early hours of Friday after a basement fire pumped toxic fumes through the centrally-air-conditioned building. At least 89 of the 164 patients died and over 50 were injured, some of them seriously. Three staff members at the Advanced Medicare & Research Institute (AMRI) hospital in Dhakuria are among the dead. 

We in Bangalore had a fire mishap some time back at Carleton Towers. The maze of electrical wires had a short circuit the resulting sparks caused a major fire. Also the stairs were choked by smoke and heat blocked the escape routes to exit the towers. Huge amount of fuel was stored at the terrace. Fortunately fire did not reach there.

This Kolkata fire spurred TV-9 to do a realty check of three Bangalore hospitals. They found Manipal Hospital well maintained with good fire safety practices in plae. Victoria Hospital was the worst. Hosmat hospital was lacking in several aspects.

However we the people have short memory, to alow such mishaps to  Reccur. 




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Here is the link to earlier

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Here is the link to earlier praja discussions on the Carlton fire. comment guidelines

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