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Transparency and e Governance

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In a brave and honest initiative citizens of Karnataka can watch their chief minister Live 24x7 sitting their comfort of their home or office, people can watch the live streaming. This is a path breaking initiative of the chief minister to introduce transparency and accountability.

A simple application to watch happennings. Adobe and one more Kerala company were in competition. The later won the contract.

  1. I believe that this a simple device to watch the happenings in a room by continuous live streaming from a video camera. Obviously it should be a mute camera. Otherwise can we hear what is being discussed?
  2. 24x7? Is it a repeater of what is said / done in a particular conveniently censored moment? Or is it really 24x7 as claimed. If so what about the privacy of a chief minister in 24x7? Aah?
  3. Transparency and e governance? Pretty high / lofty claim indeed!
  4. Many things are really missing in the add 


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Department of e Governance

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There is no doubt about the ever smiling CM’s apparently good intensions. What the common man desires however, is keeping in check the corruption monster. Action towards this goal is what is required. This particular step of visibility of CM IMHO is a shear waste of scarce resources of time and money.

What is this department of e governance doing? I wonder! comment guidelines

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