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Paper less society and Bangalore

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The difference between a book and the pen drive device carrying the book is that you require a computer to read it with no guaranty of authenticity. Governance is an important issue to depend entirely on fragile computer devices.. Governance is a serious issue which can at the best be supplemented by computer technology. The government files with original signatures are not entirely dispensable. 

Print on paper is a little like democracy: the worst possible system except for all the others. Books are fragile, they are bulky, they are not easy to search through....Yet printed volumes have endured half a millennium as readable as the day they came off the press, whereas digital data a mere 30 years old may have vanished past hope of retrieval. Article: BOOK VERSUS BYTE: THE PROSPECTS AND DESIRABILITY OF A PAPERLESS SOCIETY Spring, 1999 17 J. Marshall J. Computer & Info. L. 797


Computerizing BBMP Land records may be useful. However it cannot replace the files with original signatures. The files however can be re-created and made official. 


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You need to read little more,

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You need to read little more, try searching for electronic signatures, digital signatures, document management systems etc. 

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  A document, a signature

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A document, a signature and a finger print can be verified visually if necessary with the help of a magnifying lens at the most. It requires a machine together with compatible software in the case of electronic signature and or document. Meaning full management in the two cases is what is being compared. The enforcement procedure also may be as complex and open to pilferage / faking / destruction. comment guidelines

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