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Fool proof Design and execution of city projects or only Co ordinate and still goof up

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 “There’s some hope for Bangalore. For long, we’ve cursed the lack of coordination between civic agencies as they went about their work. Often, one agency wouldn’t know what the other was up to and this resulted in chaos — right on the roads.                  TOI

 We in Bangalore seem to be taking our lives very casually. Lack of coordination between civic agencies is being taken for granted as each of these agencies are headed by IAS (KAS) officers an elite cadre governed by their own “elite” rules. Here I believe hierarchy plays an elite role.  

“From now on, no public work can commence without all agencies involved signing on a ‘public works coordination agreement’. The traffic police will sign it last in case of BBMP work and BBMP will sign it last in all other cases.”  

Does this sound familiar? 

“Roads closed-traffic diverted’ boards are a common sight across the city. And we waited in vain for works to be completed. The MaharaniCollege underpass and the drain works at the Brigade Road-Residency Road junction are classic examples of uncoordinated projects.” 

The old airport road also was a classic example. It took a decade to be fully commissioned. Just uncoordinated or change of guard has a sinister implications? 

Any project requires fool proof (Murphy) design and execution.


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This looks like coordinating the execution not actual design

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Details on description and exact location of works Start and end dates Commitment from agencies concerned that the road will be restored to original state (if not better) after the works 
Agency doing the work will prepare the document, sign it and also get signatures of all related agencies and submit to the traffic department and BBMP for clearance 
First document the work and raw materials Finish secondary works Traffic diversion or roads closed just before work begins

Some Agencies

1.     Bescom

2.     BWSSB

3.     BSNL

4.     BBMP

5.     BMTC

6.     BDA

7.     Bangalore Traffic Police"

 What is missing is absence of an integrated technical design.

 The authorities seem to think they know every thing which is there since the roman technology days. Unfortunately the technology has covered lot of ground since then.

For example these design aspects are important individually and collectively. There must be some standards which are acceptable depending on the category of the road. 

  1. Is the road designed properly for the given traffic load?
  2. What about umpteen private players apart from BSNL as far as communication cabling is concerned?
  3. What is the Traffic polices contribution towards the actual design of Bus bays, lanes turning radius for big vehicles standard Road hump etc
  4. I see every day new humps of various (un !*??) designs coming up as and when accidents happen. ( I have personal experience )
  5. How to prevent bus commuters not to descend on to the roads for boarding the busses. To day Bangalore city and other busses stop right in the middle of roads for passengers to board the buses.
  6. When is BESCOM going to stop the current practices of overhead drawing of electric cables? Stop hanging wires pilferage etc etc?
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  Civic agencies vow to work

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Civic agencies vow to work in sync

Yup, more vows, more promises and they will go back and flush everything down the sink. They can come back in 6 months to renew their vows.

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Somebody is talking

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At least somebody who have the power and resource to do things is talking about it. So far it was more of a jungle raj. I am not sure whether one should be cynical about it despite the past performance. comment guidelines

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