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Meeting with Indraneel Datta Principle Architect DKS - October 21, 2009

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 We, I and Mr. Chari were at the DKA office at #23 Old Madras Road, Ulsoor, at 10:30AM.  The office is near Ulsoor police station, in the Ulsoor main road itself. It was a fruitful meeting with Mr. Indraneel Datta the principle Architect of DKA (Datta-Kannan-Arcitects). 

Mr. Datta updated us about 

  1. The several Metro stations he is involved in
  2. Surprising that there are no public toilets provided in these.
  3. Only toilets provided are for officials.
  4. One of his community project in outskirts of the city spread over 16 acres, Involves.
    1. Green buildings
    2. RWH
    3. Water management
    4. Provision of a Lake
    5. Extra water will be let to a rivulet out side the property

 We found Mr. Datta very energetic and successful architect who could lap up the new water management techniques, that we could offer.


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no public toilets in Metro stations?

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No public toilets in Metro Stations - Really? Is that odd, or is it the norm for city transit stations in general?

Yes understand that these would be misused if free, maintenance will add costs to maintain. But still. Sounds odd.

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None in Singapore

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Singapore stations had no toilets in them.  Was surprised about that too. 


Drive safe.  It is not just the car maker which can recall its product.

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Nor in Washington DC

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No toilets; no food, no drinks allowed. Keeps it clean.

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Not in CPH & STK

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I havent noticed any in Copenhagen metro and Stockholm metro. I have used the paid one in copenhagen central station but thats not the metro. 

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shorter commute times?

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 Is that cos metro's journeys are ideally less than an hour at most..hence there will be no need for rest rooms!?

but yes..major junctions, like the one in majestic will have all this and more i suppose.. 

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Toilets are magnets to homeless

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I read somewhere that providing toilets in Metro stations act like a shelter for homeless who live in the underground stations and use these toilets!!!! comment guidelines

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