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Water and Carbon cycle in Nature and how to mange them safely

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Major portion of our body (90%) is water. Water is the elixir of life. Life on earth which is carbon based has lead to the study of biochemistry. There is a speculation about a possible parallel life system elsewhere in the Universe based on silicon [1]. Water Cycle [2] is closely connected to the carbon cycle [3]. These two cycles are the basis of healthy life, on our planet earth. We examine briefly the causes of imbalance in these two cycles of nature created by us.

Rivers are delivering increasing amounts of fresh water to the ocean. The cause seems to be the influence that higher concentrations of atmospheric carbon dioxide are having on water use by plants. [4] This is basically a part of carbon imbalance tipping the life on earth. Thanks to carbon emission due to excess power need (greed) of humanity.

Sources of water contamination / pollution 

1.      Drug-contaminated waste water

2.      Man made fertilizers?

3.      Pesticides

4.      Herbicides

5.      Insecticides

6.      Etc. 

Antibiotics and other pharmaceuticals given to humans and livestock are increasingly contaminating rivers, groundwater and soils, according to early results from three European studies. Drug-contaminated waste water is a potential risk to both human health and the environment  [5]

For a comprehensive info on major sources of water pollution please see the Wiki reference. [6] 

Food pollution or miss management 

The reference is to genetically modified (GM food)[7]. GM food basically aims at commercializing food for human consumption. When applied to vegetables it aims at increasing the shelf life of vegetables so that it could be combined with pulses for sale in super markets.

A new thread for discussing the ways and means to go about to achieve the above objectives.


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How to manage Water & Carbon

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 Water.. Draw up workable rules for Water Works & Pollution Control Boards. Implement and enforce them.

Get the same ideas into educational / residential areas. Come down heavily on violators be it govt or private groups.

With rising population there will be a sure scramble for vanishing potable water ( Cut down water pollution and find alternates for water use ). comment guidelines

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