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Monthly Praja meet August 9, 2009

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 The meeting was attended by Ravi, Naveen, Vvr, psaram42 and. 

Ravi started the monthly meet by referring to the praja project audit concept. The audit of the day was restricted to 

1.       Metro Tracking and

2.       Bangalore Water Management 

He also took some time recollecting how people work on the site 

1.       Ideating

2.       Twitting

3.       Learning

4.       Creating a repository of knowledge

5.       Influencing Governments policy

 Praja site tends to be unbiased on the whole due to its inherent democratic set up and its innovative monitoring system. Healthy online Relationship happens with collective sharing of anxieties, city development and mutual trust etc. 

The Metro and water projects were discussed. 

1.       Metro project meeting the dead line currently set is in doubt of copliance. Minute details are being tracked, by the praja members.

2.       Water management project details are available on Praja site, with many psaram42 blog entries.

3.       The Bellandur Lake project is on hold for an engagement with BWSSB. Manjari is on the job for setting up this meet as I believe it. I here by request for facilitating this meet whoever can get on to it.

4.       However the main issue of saving Bellandur Lake is to immediately stop the heavy Sanitary / Sewage and Industrial discharge in to the lake. Period. Such heavy discharge by several Storm water drains is established by the number of photos posted on many psaram42 blog entries.

I am waiting for comments by other Praja attending this meet.


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I planned to attend but couldn't, can we have a 9:00 timeslot?

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I planned to attend the meeting, but couldn't because missed the alarm, got up late.

Is it possible to make it at around 9:00 or so, so that more people can attend? comment guidelines

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