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Clean Elections in Bangalore this time

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It is to be appreciated that BBMP has taken a policy decision towards a clean parliamentary elections this time. However when will we have the BBMP civic body elections? We are getting our roads asphalted and Road Name plates erected at each main and cross roads of our ward no 74 and those of other wards in CV Raman Nagar (MLA) constituency. The ward is an equivalent of Gram Panchayat in rural context and hence is the grass root level civic body. CV Raman Nagar constituency in turn includes several wards. 

Here the point I want to make is that we should have a RWA for each ward. This would perhaps be an equivalent of the "Gram Panchayat", in the rural context. It should be the responcibilty of the RWA to enlist each house hold in each street of the ward and keep an uptodate list preferably on an official web site of the ward. This bottom up approach if streamlined will be an efficient approach for obataining the voters list. This is an open suggestion for our election commission please.

The photo ID is required for people who do not have any other valid ID like PAN card, Driving licence etc. 





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Coming Lokesabha Elections

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 I met one bearded Muslim vender selling lot of assorted steel and other items on a cycle carrier at 6:15 in the evening. He was there when I passed him while crossing the JB Nagar main road ie 10th main HAL III Stage. He was still there while I was returning.  I was not able to get his name.

1.      He came to Bangalore in 1962 to Kammana halli Agara.

2.      He was studying in class 2 then

3.      It was the year Nehru Passed away

4.      He remembers his teachers name Rama Rao and obviously reverse him till to day

5.      He votes regularly

6.      He is perplexed with present turmoil

7.      He has no Idea about Jeehad etc

8.      He will definitely vote on the day as guided by his thoughts on that day

9.      He was a original resident at Munirabad Hospet before shifting to Bangalore

We shook hands as we departed.

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