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Metro Underground - Who Is Gaining the Expertise?

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Came across this report in DH:  Metro’s Phase-I unlikely to meet deadline.  From June 2012, to December 2013, to March 2014 and now December 2014, though Mr Sreehari admits anything before mid-2015 is a pipedream.

The Radia Tapes


I'm sure a lot of Praja users have read about and listened to The Radia Tapes and derived a lot of joy and/or sorrow out of them. Others may not be aware of where to access them since the media has virtually blacked out the news, except for some old fogies like The Hindu, Outlook magazine, and DH today and disrespectful upstarts like Open magazine.

Alternatives to Road-Widening

This post is in response to criticism that road-widening critics haven't provided alternatives to widening.

Two things.

1. Sorry for the extreme illustration, but suppose I find someone committing a murder. I'm not sure that I have to provide an alternative to him and only then try to stop him.

2. I think the people mentioned above have suggested various alternatives. The 'people' say that the problem is a unsustainable number of private vehicles on our roads. Following from that, they have likened road-widening to 'loosening the belt to cure obesity' and recognised that it is a unworkable response to traffic congestion. They have provided following alternatives to resolving traffic congestion. None of these may help by itself. But some combination of them should be tried. The list has been made from the following sources:

SBC's Convention invite

The Solution - CyBaNa

Stupidity of road widening

JUSCO & 24x7 Water Supply


There have been discussions here on JUSCO getting the Mysore contract. 24x7 supply has been noted as a major change that this contract will achieve. Now, JUSCO has been managing the water supply in Jamshedpur. Jamshedpur is also known as just "Tata", which is not surprising since the city was founded around the Tata Iron and Steel Works factory there.

PUPs: Alternative Approach to Governance Reforms


Interesting story of an alternative vision of reform in government departments, from Tamil Nadu:

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