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Separate lanes for emergency service vehicles

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TrafficTraffic jams

Often do we hear a screaming ambulance held up in traffic signals of some busy roads such as K.H. Road or Mallya Road that also lead to important hospitals (Nimhans or Mallya hospitals). I really wonder if any of these ambulances make it on time?

I dont know whether the traffic police are informed by the policemen at the previous signals or the time that the cops have to clear the traffic for the ambulance is too short?! I'm sure that they don't do it on purpose, but the strategy of handling this situation must be surely wrong! and we turnout to be helpless onlookers...

So, I think that it would be more sensible to have separate emergency lanes (similar to the existing auto lanes-that I feel are not very important though...) for ambulances and fire-brigades at least on highly congested roads leading to important hospitals...

The very thought of having our dear one in one of the ambulances that will fail to make on time to the hospital is so horrifying that this is the time to bring in the change.

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Unsynchronized signals, Police coordination & Unruly Traffic

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I'm not sure emergency lanes will be useful. We in India dont really have the discipline to follow lanes. How often do you see slow moving vehicles hogging 2 lanes (half of each lane) and not letting anyone pass.

IMO, I think the following things need to happen:

1. The emergency vehicle (EV) call center needs to coordinate with the traffic management center so that the TMC can give the EV green signals all along its route. No stoppages anywhere because of signals.

2. As far as possible, every EV should be escorted by a traffic police vehicle so that they can deal with unruly traffic (people who dont give way, block the road etc.)

3. Sensitize people on "giving way to EVs" and enforce it strictly with hefty fines (no idea how well that can happen) comment guidelines

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