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Wikimapia Coordinates out of the city!

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I am posting this in the Blog entry as I would like to bring to everybody's knowledge this anomaly. Although the topic may not warrant but the consequences are important,therefore I request the co-ordinator to keep this post in the Blog category.

I have attached two .pdf files.

1.0 The imagery of a Major Arterial road in JAIPUR city showing the IP address of the user (me in this case)and the Location of the Imagery on Earth in terms of co-ordinates.

2.0 The inbox of my gmail account showing the IP address.

The anomaly is that:

1.0 The CITY is showing as JODHPUR whereas the IP address is correct.

2.0 Even the Latitudes and Longitudes shown are that of JODHPUR city wheras the image is of Jaipur City, both in Rajasthan.

I have sent both the attachements to wikimapia ( for their feedback but no response till date. (Image is of 09,Jan.2009).I accidently stumbled into this when I was pressing buttons to get this image exported to another format.

 Interestingly, everything is in order if one opens wikimapia for the same place.


Incorrect City.pdf131.99 KB
Gmail - Inbox - jhanwar.nitin@gmail.pdf71.48 KB


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IP and City

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The IP addresses are not precisely mapped to city. Usually websites try to match the location to IP address but there is an inherent error to it due to the way that networks can be spread across cities and countries.

In your case, by going to and entering your IP address, you can see that the IP address belongs to BSNL. It might be that BSNL has allocated an IP address to you that Wikimapia thinks belongs to Jodhpur.

This is normal and probably a good thing to protect the privacy of the individual.



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Ok , still not clear but many thanks.

I am still under the impression that the geotools of wikimapia says " IP/Web to geo location" which I thought the geolocation was for the place where the map is opening.

Its turns out that the geolocation is of the computer.

Now is it not unethical to protect the privacy of an individual - just for no reason?

I mean if I unintentionally violate some wikimapia protocols I will be looked in some other city?

And if somebody does really do something in Jodhpur, I will be held responsible sitting in Jaipur?

No wonder the Rajasthan ATS has not found the email senders for the Jaipur Blast -- convincingly.



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