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Drink and Drive-Law or Moral Responsiblity

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There have been a drive by DNA Jaipur to get public opinion on the type of punishment to be given to offenders for drunk and driving.

On June 17 of this year the Mumbai edition gave a article from the public who frequent this habbit and are aware of it:


Today the 24 of Dec.2008 the jaipur edition gave views of people who don't do this:

(See attachment:

The result on one of the comments : ____________________________________________________________________________________

The comment by one of the commentators-the synopsis of which is-" People should not be punished nor sent to jail but made to work for the society.Social Policing needed"

Well everybody does! but from the meaning of the comment the following scenarios will arise:

1.0 Suppose one hits and runs than instead of being punished one should be made to hold the breath analyser for other offenders?

2.0 There have been cases of mistreatment to the opposite sex in the garb of being a sister or brother in a drunken state! So what will the person do for the society? Give a seminar on self defence?

3.0 The terrorist were drugged and than they attacked Mumbai. So what will they do for the society? Become advisors for National Cadet Corps?

4.0 Educationists and Lecturers have known to be partial to students and in the process have ruined their lives. So what will they do for society? Start a Consultancy for counselling of the students?What about their going to a phycartirist - to get over their superior and sadist frame of mind?

The list can go on and on...

Its like asking a Militant " will you join Marcos or vice versa." 


The basic question is still not answered:

Is the offence for Drinking and committing an accident less punishable than when committed in a sober state???

So will the increase in the trend to drink and drive be attributable to getting less punsihment while being drunk?Because when a pedestrian is injured or dies in a hit accident-primae facie the driver is held responsible-even if the injured or dead is at fault. I mean you don't cross the road at a dead turn or you don't cross looking the other way and never are you supposed to cross without the zebra crossing under you.


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