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Passport Seva Kendra is a great Initiative

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All, I recently visited passport seva kenra in the outer ring road and I cannot describe how pleased I am wit the overall experience. I think both TCS and MEA officials are doing a great job in this project, details below:


Decided to have my passport reissued, the reasons were:

All, I recently visited passport seva kenra in the outer ring road and I cannot describe how pleased I am wit the overall experience. I think both TCS and MEA officials are doing a great job in this project, details below:


Decided to have my passport reissued, the reasons were:

  • Existing Passport had my Old address which was in different city and state, and it is always advisable to keep your adress up to date.
  • Existing Passport did not have my spouse name.
  • It was slightly damaged(Not beyond recogonition)

I filled up the form online, everything was self explainatory. After filling and submting the form you can book an appointment, I got the appointment for 7/9/2010.

One can optionally load the supoporting documents, by I decided to skip this part as I did not have scanner at home.


Went to PSK in ORR, Bangalore with the required set of documents here , My scheduled apointmet was @ 2:30. Went there at 2:15, Plz go there only 15 mins before your schedule appointment time otherwise you wont be allowed inside. as soon as I entered I was assigned a token number. (The whole PSK office was notihng like a government office, It was Air conditioned with comfortable seating facilities, clean toilets, xerox machine an tea/coffe facility)

Once you are assigne a token the flow will be as follows counter-A --> counter-B --> Counter-C --> Exit.

After wating for only 5 mins I was escorted towards counter A, This part is handled by TCS and they are very corial and helpful. They will check/scan/upload all your documents and also collect the requsite fees. Mine was a damaged passport case so I had to pay 1000(reissue chanrges) + 1500(fine) = 2500/-. (Plz note mine was a normal case and not tatkal)

After all formalities were over at counter A, I was back to wating room and wait began for Counter B, for this I had to wait another 30 mins. counter B is for VO(verification Officer) and I think this is manned by government officials. I spent only 5 mins here and he checked the documents again.

After counter B I had to wait another 4 mins for my turn for counter C which is for GOs(Granting officers) and this is for sure manned by government officers. GOs has the final say if you passport is granted or should be refused. after all the checks/verification done at counter A and B chances that GO will reject your application is next to Nill.

Another important decesion that is taken by GO is wether your case qualify for Pre, Post or No police verfication. Mine was a reissue case with change in address so i qualified as a post verfication. the main diffrence between these modes are:

Pre verfication: Clear report from the police is required for your case to move forward

Post verfication: Police verfication is required, but clear report from the police is not required an processing of your application can start immidiately and you can even have yourpassport before the verfication(although i am not sure what will happen if one recieves his/her passport and police report is not clear)

No verfication: self explainatory :)

After counter C you can immidiately head towards exit where you would be given a acknowledgement letter with case status (Granted/Peding/refused etc) and verficaiton mode(Pre/Post/No). Mine was granted and post verfication.

Immidiately went to my office and checked the status the status was 'you will recieve and SMS/Email nce the passport is dispatched'.


recived the call frommy local police station to come for verfication, this got me confused as mine was a post-verficaiton case and I had not yet recieved my passport yet, but later relaized that post-verfication just ment that issue of Passport is not wating on any police verifcation which can happen anytime.


Recieved the SMS and Email that passport has been dispatched thru spped post with tracking number


got the passport in just around 10 working days.

I would have to say a Big thumbs up for TCS(No I dont work for TCS :) ) and Government for such a great initiative.

Hope this helps others, Plz leave a comment if you have any questions, I will try to answer them based on my experience.


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outsourcing - clearly the way forward

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I hope this will put paid to the rants against outsourcing by the status-quoists - check this

Muralidhar Rao
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Why there is a fine of Rs1500

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Why there is a fine of Rs1500 put for your application???

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Experiences such as this creats lots of hope. Thanks.

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@Arun, My old passport was

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@Arun, My old passport was damaged(water Damage), hence Rs1500 fine, I did not understand the logic and told them that anyway they are giving a new passport to change other information so why charge Rs1500. but rule is a rule I guess :)


@Ananth, yes, before I went to PSK,  I saw a lot of negetive publicity about this new system, but my experience was very plesent.

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Retracting my last post.

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Based on the experience posted here, i embarked upon renewing my passport through the site.

I couldn't use the e-form from the site because i was unable to enter a. the full description of the 'identification mark' and b. my existing address. Seems like these entries have a cap on number of characters, which obviously has not been researched through.

So next, i tried to register myself and do this online. After registering, when login in, i got a message that the page was not trusted and the portal "" uses an invalid security certificate and someone could be impersonating as that portal. I use firefox and i have never had this issue as long as i can remember and it is happening with that site alone. Now i may not be an IT techie, but am sure not going to endanger myself. Either nisputa bypassed this the browser did not throw this up, but the point is, this shouldn't have happened especially in a government site.

Just when  i thought i would be able to finish some work that involves government agencies without a problem, there it was! Guess i got carried away, should have known better.

Guess i was too eager to acknowledge things were ok in my last post.

Will go to Bangalore One to do this.

@nisgupta, fine and re-issue charges dont make sense. Makes one wonder whos earning.

Also, like murli pointed out, this software might have been developed by a third party private company, i am guessing they worked as hard as they got paid (actually and not as per books). My opinions only.

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@ Ananth,  dont think thereis

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@ Ananth,  dont think thereis any issue in capping the Address and identification mark field, they have to cap it somewhere, and the passport booklet can accomodate only so many characters for address.


Reg the certificate, I think the certifcate used is not issued by a well known CA(certification authority), so it might not be preloaded into your windows system.  without going into too much of technical details, I can say that it is pretty safe to go ahead and do your transaction.


Also dont think Bangalore one accepts the passport forms anymore. so you have no other choice but to use the website.

and TCS has developed this for MEA(Ministry of external affairs).

all the best for your renewal.



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My passport experience

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I thought I should share my experience too with others regarding my passport experience as i received it on the 17 th day after I applied for it online…..if they can get some help from it….so I have shared my experience in my blog

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Passport to seva

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I was one of the smart alecs (that’s what I thought) who applied and got one when government started issuing 20 years valid passports in the nineties. After eleven years now there is no connect between the picture staring from the passport and present matured intelligent looks I possess now. This resulted in the immigration counters giving me hard looks whenever I travel out and return

Last week the European countries announced that any passport valid for more than ten years will not be stamped with Schengen Visas.

 This necessitated my having to apply for a reissue of my passport which is now done through PASSPORT SEVA KENDRAS. My last three passports were made my without knowing where the passport office is. I paid my travel agent the money he wanted and signed wherever he marked . I got the passport issued/renewed and mailed to my address.

 Not anymore.

 I logged on to the and register. Then log on with your registered name and start filling-up the application form. Very easy and very very user friendly. Took less than 15 minutes and submit.

 Then go to the appointments portal select a date available (12-15 days to get one)and a convenient Seva Kendra near your place. Get the bar-coded appointment and application receipt and print it.

 At the appointed  time walk-in to the Kendra and your documents are checked and file is made with a number. Then  very politely be guided to the waiting chamber with a computerized Token. Within 20 minutes your number with the desk number you have to go will flash on the numerous electronic boards and you enter the “A” chamber.

 You are greeted to a warm smile and your application you submitted through the internet  is flashing on the monitor. You are requested to check and confirm all details.

Your photograph and bio-metric (fingerprints) are taken. Your application form with your photograph is printed and handed over. While handing over you are requested to sign the application form and pay Rs.1000 being the fee. You are out of  “A” within 15 minutes and guided to Chamber “B”.

Very impressed and confident that you will be out of the Kendra within half hour, you enter the “B” chamber. A sea of humanity will welcome you there. Your next destination is “VO” or verification officer. Chamber “A” is manned by  TCS employees and VOs are Government of India officers. The same electronic boards and the same token number is valid here too. You sit and start gaping at the board for your turn to come.

Time passes….one hour….go and use the rest room (clean and well maintained).Another hour….. go and have some coffee/biscuits sold inside ( Reasonable pricing) One more  hour passes and still no sign of your number on the sign boards. Your patience starts to wane.You go to the numerous volunteers around and ask and get  “Baruthe Sir” “Solpa wait madi”as reply.

Another half an hour  and at last your number is there flashing after three and a half hours and you rush to the Verification desk. They go though all originals and ask appropriate questions and clear you to go to Chamber “C”

 Chamber “C” is armed with “GO” Granting Officers. Again start gaping at  the boards for your number. Now you are not impatient or bored as by now you are used to your surroundings. There are wailing babies, screaming children among ocean of people with different lingoes .

 With sense of resignation you get prepared for another three hours wait. When you settle down in the comfortable chair unexpectedly within one hour your number appears on the board. What a surprise and you rush to the desk of the officer who will question you with their checklist (here is where it will be decided  whether  you are worthy enough for a “Tatkal” or  not. Once you are approved for a Tatkal , you have to go back to Chamber”A” and pay the extra fees and get back to “C” with the receipt. The official then cancels your old passport and gives it back to you with a smile ( super humans I should say ) On the way to the “Exit” don’t forget to collect your “acknowledgement” by producing  your fees receipt.

 When I came out of the Kendra I have clocked  five hours and ten minutes exactly. That is PASSPORT SEVA KENDRA  for you.

                                                                 Prakash Venkatraman

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PSK .....Not so Bad......

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I applied for the renweal of my passport and my parents .It was a plesant experience.since my parents are senior citizens they finished everything in about a little more than 2 hours and for me it took about 4 was not bad was worth the wait.

(They have express service for Senior Citizens and Infants.....which is nice....!!!!!!!)

The system is more transparent.The website is very helpful with all info.We made the application online and took an appointment at the Lalbagh PSK.

You can see no middlemen or agents at the PSK and it is really a well maintained office.

The people at the PSK are courteous and helpful.The experience is definetly better than the other government offices.

This kind of a facility must be extended to other departments ....                                     Especially RTO's (Personal Opinion - At least the one at Jayanagar is in a BAD shape).

We renewed our RATION CARD too a few months back and the process got over in about 45 minutes......and absolutely no hassels atall....!!!



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outsourcing - clearly the way forward

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@Prakash - Firstly, welcome to Praja.

Your experience indicates that the functioning is fairly smooth, except for some tweakings required in a few areas, particularly Sec B. It's been just a few months since the process has been put in place, and I expect they will effect the necessary correctives as they go along, based on their own learnings as well as feedbacks, including from Praja.   

Outsourcing (of the peripheral work) to a professional agency, like TCS, has obviously made all the difference. And, that's clearly the route for the other government agencies to follow too.   

Muralidhar Rao
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2-5 hours at Station B!

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I think the 2-5 hours wait at counter B is far from being efficient and smooth. This is definitely not the way to continue in future. I believe this is Verification counter, manned by VO. Would be interesting know what is verified here and how? Answers to these will tell where is actual time loss is?

Guys don't get mad. This is how a brain of a person starts questioning, who is trained and earns a living in the domain of QA and process engineering. Everything is seen from input, output and processing in between them. And more importantly ensuring the fulfillment of requirements sans any problems.


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PSK : Section B

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The verification of the supporting documents is done at the counter B.

The Age Proof,Address Proof  of marriage documents in case of couple,documents of parents in case of minors....a few affidavits wherever necessary .All of these are verified Manually.The number of officers are less at counters B when  compared at counters A.

Also i feel since senior citizens and infants are given priority the general public would have to wait a little longer(That's reasonable)....but my personal belief is that 5 hours at counter B, i guess is a bit of exageration .

There are chairs provided at the PSK and the offices are really well i have mentioned before there is always a scope for improvement....but this is a very good initiative.






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The overall working is very efficient in the PSK near lalbagh.In "B" the sheer volume of people many of them illiterates coming without proper documents makes it a time consuming affair.Only way to reduce time at "B" chamber is to increase the number of desks. It was not an exageration, I spent five hours and ten mininutes day before yesterday to get my passport reissued.

Prakash Venkatraman

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Dear Prakash Venkatraman Sir,

I would like to convey my sincere apologies in case you felt offended by my comment.As per my experience of renewing my  passport and my parents i felt 5 hours only at counter B was a bit too much.(We went in the afternoon at 2:00 ) .I am defintely not contesting your statement.

My assumption was 5 hours was the total time you spent at the PSK.If it is 5 hrs then i guess it would include the lunch time too.I am not trying to justify myself here but just giving clarity of the scenario.....!!!



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Hi All, This is the latest

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Hi All,


This is the latest update which I have. Not sure if everyone is aware about these facts.


1. Any Bank Statement is Valid for Address Proof.

2. Telephone Bill for Airtel/Vodaphone etc are accepted to be on safer side get stamp on the same.

3. Pvt Ltd Company Giving Address proof was valid and accepted in my case.

4. Try to take E-stamp in case of Affadavits chances of rejection would be very less.


I got in the PSK- Lalbaug @ 1.30 came out at 7.00 pm :). Trust me it was fun as I got to know more things which I was not aware which I have written above. The Token counter took 2.5 hrs to revert  whether my application was accepted or not. 


But EOD I am happy that my job got over the very same day.

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@Saurabhsingh, thaks for the

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@Saurabhsingh, thaks for the update, I am sure this will help others.

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totally agree with you

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I agree with @nisgupta based on my visit to ORR seva kendra this morning. My appointment was at 9.45AM. I reached early at 9.15 and waited in the queue for 9.45AM batch.

Just few minutes after 9.45 we were led in after the security check and verification of the appointment print out.

As I was opting for Tatkal the person manning the token counter had to check with the Government Officer which took 10 to 15 minutes for giving the token.

After getting the token I entered around 10.10AM. Within 5 minutes of waiting, I was asked to go to Counter A. Counter A took the maximum time as lot of work such as scanning, finger printing, photogrphing was to be done and i saw the speed and efficiency of the TCS person who was doing that.

After finishing counter A roughly 15 to 20 minutes, I was asked to wait but within 2 minutes, my number was called for next counter. 

Counter B was manned by GoI person who also was very efficient though he did not have to do as much work as the counter A.

Within few minutes this was done. And he asked me to go to final counter/Granting officer.

I did not even have to wait as the GO took me immediately. She also took few minutes and I was asked to proceed to Exit.

I was out by 10.45AM. It probably took roughly one hour for the whole thing and it was such a pleasant and amazing experience.

I felt that after IRTC, this is something really impacting us very positively and kudos to whoever is behind this initiative in Passport office/GoI and also TCS for doing a wonderful job of execution.

I am sure there would be minor glitches and probably some dissatisfied customers, but the big picture definitely looking good and hope to see such initiatives in other areas as well.


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@Natrajan, thanks for sharing

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@Natrajan, thanks for sharing your experience, I agree with that there are teething trouble with any new intiative but this is definitely a step in a positive direction.

I would encourage more people to share there experience here, It will help definitely help others as getting a passport is often percieved as a stressful exprience, but based on many positive experiences posted here there is no reason to feel that way...... comment guidelines

Posting Guidelines apply for comments as well. No foul language, hate mongering or personal attacks. If criticizing third person or an authority, you must be fact based, as constructive as possible, and use gentle words. Avoid going off-topic no matter how nice your comment is. Moderators reserve the right to either edit or simply delete comments that don't meet these guidelines. If you are nice enough to realize you violated the guidelines, please save Moderators some time by editing and fixing yourself. Thanks!

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