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Bellandur lake & BWSSB Meeting - questionnaire

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Hi Folks,

        Was great meeting with you on Saturday. Glad to know we're all on the same page with how to take this forward. It's been a couple of days since then, so could we see how we've progressed on our action items?

        UshaKiran - Please let us know if you have been able to fix an appointment with any authorities that may be able to help.

         Megha, Neeraj, Ananthram - Can we come up with a questionnaire by the end of this week?



[Note: forked off from this meeting post]


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My questions

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  1. Why is sewage water flowing in storm water drains?
  2. How good is our sewage water pipe network design when compared to other Indian cities / other countries?
  3. How old is the BWSSB sewage network?
  4. How good is the BWSSB sewage network design?
  5. How is the sewage water pipe network maintained? What are the maintenance schedules?
  6. What is the annual maintenance budget required when compared to what is sanctioned? (demand and supply)
  7. What are the plans for matching the sewage water treatment capacity required to the amount of sewage produced per day for the BBMP area?
  8. How do you decide about the location of treatment plants?
  9. Which is better / feasible (a) Small plants at several distributed locations, through out the BBMP area or (b) a few big ones at presently available locations?
  10. Plans for recycling of treated sewage water: (a) for maintaining Gardens (Like done in Lal Bagh) (b) recycling like done in big multi story Shoba flats near Bellandur Lake, for toilet flushing.
  11. What are BWSSBs problems as far as sewage water is concerned?
  12. Where Praja can help?
  13. How is the Industrial Waste water Management affecting Bangalore ground water table? (Kindly refer an earlier thread  --->)

Perhaps we should start with the Questions at 11 and 12.

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Edure Lake

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Hi Guys,

I am not finding the exact place in Praja where in I can raise a complaint. I know in Praja many people are raising the concerns and a very few  people actually trying to take a step forward and help resolve the issue. So I also want something to do and help conserve the lakes.

I go via edure lake daily. Right now it is well protected. But the project is the lake needs to be cleaned. When will govt do that. If its not govt how can we initiate something so that the lake is cleaned.



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Long silence!

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Have we been able to get a contact at BWSSB?

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Engagement Manager (EM) BWSSB

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 We need EMs for BWSSB. Looks like Manjari and Neha Dhar are preoccupied. We need to take forward the Bellandur Lake project. Is there any body else in PRAJA interested to set up an engagement with BWSSB? It will be great help!


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Bellandur Project - I can go along

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PSA Sir,

As I mentioned to you, I had been once earlier to Cauvery bhavan (long time ago, to enquire about cauvery 4th stage) only to wait about 1 1/2 hours to see the concerned official/s. Finally, I gave up as no one seemed to bother.

If you set up an appointment first, I am willing to come anytime.

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I am in

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PSA Garu,

You know I am very interested in issues related to Bellandur Lake. If we can go to BWSSB on anyday from Monday onwards, you can count me in.

But perhaps we should have a quick meeting before we go so that we know what we are trying to get info about. As you are aware, Sanjay V has already filed an RTI about all Lakes.


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