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Bangalore's Bicycle and Pedestrian Crowdmap

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I am trying to build a crowdmap for frequent biking and pedestrian routes in Bangalore.
Also to collect some pics and identify problem points. 
Globally crowdmaps are being used to better understand ped and bike routes, problems etc. and share them on large scale. Lets hope to have something like this for Bangalore as well.
I am attaching link to the map and an instructional video on how to use it. 
Please use it and contribute. When it asks to login you can either use FB or your email id. 
Thanks a lot 


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good initiative

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we had started a similar one on google maps too..anyways I have added parking spots..

guess we can have the bike rental spots also would be useful..

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Will add bike rental points

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Great. Will add that as well. Thanks and please spreas the word :)

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