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sewage and drains

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I have nice idea where you can make our roads wider and also at the same time have future planning in managing water . i am suggesting as you all know whats the condition of the drains and sewerage system in india/bangalore, i would like to share this with you if we have 10-12 feet diameter cement pipe placed under the road which will carry both sewerage and drain in the same time and we can also use that pipe for installing all kinds of communication cables around the pipe as they are insulated they wouldn't have any problem and we can also save a lot on unwanted digging on the road...


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True It is better than what is existing

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Hi Naveen,

 At present we have open SWD every where. It is the only cheap solution available to us it looks like. Having a decent big cement pipe is definitely one step forward. This could be covered nicely for providing decent foot paths. Occasional manholes for servicing etc. will also have to be provided.

However there are much superior solutions which address the problem more efficiently and fully are available.  Kindly have a look at related posts on the subject.

Your idea is appreciated.

Ananthram uncle

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Hi Naveen, Your suggestion of

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Hi Naveen,

Your suggestion of using one large sized cement pipe to carry both storm water and sewage together through underground channels of such pipes in place of open drains is slightly impractical as storm water will not be able to enter the impermeable concrete pipes at any point.

Also this solution only results in a more 'tidy way' of handling the problem compared to the present messy open drains. But in this solution, water still needs to be carried to a dumping area like a lake. Mixing storm water with sewage water will only make sure you would be legitimising extremely dirty and poisonous water being drained into lakes!

Moreover Electrical and Telephone cables cannot co-exist with pipes that carry water. As it is BESCOM and MTNL technicians do not promptly address defects in case of complaints by users of failure of electricity or telephone connection. Can you imaging how much more repugnent it would be for them if they were to open stinking sewer lines to get to their cables?

As PSA says, there are better solutions available. We are all waiting for the day when such solutions will be looked at more seriously by everyone concerned.

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