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Big-10 & Hop-On /Off

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I used the bus yesterday to go towards Forum Mall (Hosur rd) from Old Airport rd. Going was a breeze - used volvo 335E till Vellara jn & then changed over to Big-10 headed towards Silkboard side.

Feeder Bus Routes for Areas East of Suranjandas Rd

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Naveen Map-1 (Route 1)[Note: If you have well thought out (as in precise routes and maps) local area/loop shuttle suggestions for your area, please share them as separate posts. In case of difficulty in attaching images, just mail them to "tech" at, we will attach images on your behalf. So here are Naveen's routes for his area.]

Big-10 Feeder Services

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Prof.Ashwin Mahesh,

It had been a great opportunity for us to hear your views last Saturday. You had mentioned that contributions for the development of feeder services were welcome.

Meeting with Prof.Ashwin Mahesh

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As part of ABIDe, Prof.Ashwin Mahesh appears to have thoroughly understood all the limitations of having to deal with issues for commencing new city transport services within the existing framework of our polity & citizenry.

He touched upon prevailing operational practices & existing mindsets within BMTC as also those of the expectations of people with regard to BMTC services. He dealt with various issues in an extremely systematic & orderly way & explained all aspects – indeed in a most impressive manner.

Monorail's Ups & downs

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Monorails or for that matter most of the mass-transits have not been churning out profits. Japan is the only unique exception due to their much higher standards of living & people's higher affordability levels to pay fares. Thus monorails have been profitable there. In fact, monorail makers have been forced to cut manufacturing costs for systems & are offering to install & run their systems as there had been no takers. Some examples :

Is a surface LRT system suitable for Bangalore ?

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The city is desperately in need of some additional form of mass transport system to feed the Metro. The choice is essentially between Monorail, LRT or BRT. Some of us believe that a surface LRT is suitable for Bangalore, & that it can assist in reducing street congestion.

Car Fuel Subsidised

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One of my danish colleagues had remarked that our country, instead of helping the poor & taxing the rich, was subsidising the car users with lower fuel costs since all oil imports were being sold at lesser price than what they actually cost in India.

Hi-Speed Rail - A ReThink

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Hi Folks,

It does seem a hugely expensive exercise that would cater to perhaps, a few thousand each day. At first look, it does seem a questionable investment decision with dubious rationale - is this really so ?

A few points that may be pondered over ---

Basavanagudi Traffic Regulation


Hi All,

Attached is the letter being sent to BBMP /Traffic Police (South) about streamlining traffic at Basavanagudi. I am also forwarding the map (copy updated) with some captioned pictures about traffic in the area.

Tagore Circle Underpass – Moving Bottlenecks in Basavanagudi


KR Park 1BBMP’s prescription to ease congestion in Basavanagudi area is to install an underpass at Tagore circle – a strange decision, since a gigantic flyover has been built on a parallel road, & that same road (Vani Vilas Rd) can be streamlined for uninterrupted flows to attract more traffic, & limit traffic past Gandhi Bazaar & Tagore Circle.

As can be seen from the diagram, what this will do is invite even more traffic through  MN Krishnarao Rd (diagonal road), BP Wadia Rd as also on Gandhi Bazaar Rd . Soon, there will be a need for another underpass or flyover at Indian Institute of World Culture, followed up further by another at the DVG Rd–Gandhi Bazaar Rd intersection, & so on so forth ! 

Multiple Bus Shelters - Another Route to Money ?

Pedestrian Infrastructure

Hi All,

When the scheme to build bus-shelters of 'International Standards' was first floated a few years ago, many welcomed it as the standard of shelters in the city was pathetic, similar to cattle sheds.

Commuter Rail - Will it really help ?

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As most of us are aware, the track record of suburban railways in the larger Indian cities has been pathetic. Other than Mumbai, there is'nt a single example where such a service has successfully attracted commuters & helped reduce road congestion. Most of them have been total failures.

CTTP Review – Further Comments & Inputs

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Hi Suhas, went through your assessment of the CTTP & the discussions that followed – various comments & many relevant, valid points have surfaced.

There are a few issues I would like to fill in :

Bangalore Mass Transit - Summary of Past Study Reports

The first CTTP for Bangalore had been carried out in 1963-64 by the Central Road Research Institute (CRRI, New Delhi). This study, though termed “Comprehensive” had focused on the road system, & had proposed construction of 138 km of ring roads, 77.5 km arterial roads & various grade separators, pedestrian subways and truck terminals.

An effort to refresh the data & update the proposals was made by the BDA (Town Planning Dept) in 1977. One of its recommendations was to look into a mass rapid transit project, i.e. a Metro system, or similar.

This hade been taken up by a high-level Committee in 1981 & the Lynne Committee, that had been appointed, agreed that a Metro study was warranted, and a team from Southern Railways, Chennai (Madras, then) was commissioned to do this.

In 1983, the Southern Railway team recommended a 2-corridor Metro of 24 km, & also 3 commuter rail lines, and a 58-km ring railway over a 25-year period. No action followed this proposal.

Traffic Congestion – Possible case for a PIL


As outlined below, the formation of the prescribed bodies to tackle traffic congestion & to improve living conditions in the city was completed some time ago as recommended. Despite this, no concrete steps seem to be planned to stem the rot. The same old solutions continue to be doled out – the usual widening of roads after felling more trees & introducing more bus routes. These temporary solutions have been making things worse as widening roads invites more vehicles & the losers continue to be pedestrians & public transport users.

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