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Garage may be made mandatory to own car

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The meet, titled "Sweden India Nobel Memorial Week: Seminar on Making public transportation the first choice" on 26-Oct-2010 had a plethora of experts from govt as also ABIDe & Praja.

Mr Shankarline gowda stated that a garage may be made mandatory to own car.

Minibuses for better area coverage

BusPublic Transport

The following request has been forwarded to BMTC to consider operation of minibuses :


'October Revolution' round the corner


Times of India reports:

20 MLAs have withdrawn support to the BSY government, according to rebel leader P M Narendraswamy after meeting Governor H R Bhardwaj. The Governor has asked Yeddyurappa to prove majority by Oct 12.  ...

Talk of bribery:

Delhi's bus privatization experiment

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Excerpts from a 2007 paper about details of Delhi's city bus privatization process is reproduced below :

Are TTMCs really what they are claimed to be ?

"TTMCs have proved to be quite a money-spinner for the transport department. Taking a cue from this, the government is now planning to set up similar centres in Mysore, Mangalore, Udupi, Shimoga, Hubli, Dharvad and other places.

Working group on railways - 11th 5-yr plan (2007–2012)

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“Report of the working group on railway programmes for 11th 5-year plan (2007–2012)” has the following salient points with regard to suburban rail. Due to file size, the entire report is not attached to this post.

Vajra/Volvos doing well

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Times of India reports that Volvo's are doing well now:

Updates from BMRC meeting

Metro RailPublic Transport

The meeting was delayed & began only at 4.40PM since BMRC officials were busy till then. Flwg items discussed & status advised by BMRC :

1) BMTC feeder services will be operated upon commissioning of Metro for 3km distances from all stations. Ticketing will be made common for feeder buses & Metro. Smart cards with online recharge facilities will be made available.

CWG - Corruption Wealth Games


Finally, heads begin to roll after a week of denials - see this report.

Where is India headed ?

China has now surpassed Japan as the No.2 economy in the world - India, whose economy was 80% of China's in 1990, is now a mere 25% of China's.

Karnataka - highest tax generator in south


Karnataka is the highest tax generator in the south & leads all other states by a huge margin, as reported in TOI today - See this link.

Street improvements - Problems aplenty

Urban DevelopmentGovernance

Roads in most Indian cities are a complete mess, literally. When do we see them graduate to some sort of orderliness, if ever ? The reasons for this pathetic state of roads, heavy congestion & poor transport infrastructure are many. Most of us believe that the authorities alone are responsible & lack expertise. However, apart from this, there are many other reasons :

1) City officials are unable to acquire land uniformly throughout a street for maintaining width symmetrically because there are numerous establishments & private parties or individuals that contest such acquisition in courts - army land between Mekhri circle & Rajgopal rd & on ORR on the northwest (near Peenya) are examples, as is the traders agitation along CMH rd.

2) Where roads are of uniform width, 'No Parking' is difficult to enforce or indiscriminate parking is allowed due to the nature of activities on the road, or private vehicles park anyway & usually obstruct movement of traffic - examples are Sampige rd & Margosa rd in Malleswaram, 80ft & 100ft roads in Indiranagar & Koramangala that have numerous retail outlets.

Can Bangalore ban motorcycles ?


At some stage soon, auto-rickshaws & motorcycles will have to be banned or atleast, confined to city's outskirts to streamline traffic within the congested CBDs of Indian cities. Bangalore, with it's relatively richer citizens can perhaps lead the way in this!

A case study report, full of good explanatory maps & photos by Karl Fjellstrom, ITDP (dtd 15-Sep-2008) about how motorcycles were banned in a span of about 16 years can be downloaded from this link on filesanywhere.

Excerpts from this report are worth looking at (especially, the section "Lessons from Guangzhou’s successful motorcycle ban") in relation to our own future needs :

Gradual implementation

BTC - Is this the end ?

Everything else

" The Karnataka High Court on Monday dismissed Bangalore Turf Club’s plea for more time and directed it to vacate the premises by September 22. The BTC’s plea — that the grant of land by the Mysore Maharaja’s government in 1915 was absolute — failed to impress the Bench, which made it clear that BTC needs to relocate "

Court asks government to preserve race course area as open space, suggests creation of mini forest No direction to government to give alternative land to BTC ORDER, ORDER The petitioner club cannot seek alternative land as a matter of right for racing and allied activities — Karnataka HC "


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