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Are TTMCs really what they are claimed to be ?

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"TTMCs have proved to be quite a money-spinner for the transport department. Taking a cue from this, the government is now planning to set up similar centres in Mysore, Mangalore, Udupi, Shimoga, Hubli, Dharvad and other places.

Inaugurating the TTMC at Shantinagar BMTC terminal on Thursday, chief minister B S Yeddyurappa said TTMCs in the city are contributing nearly Rs 10 crore to the government. In other cities, it's likely to be done on the PPP model.

Under JnNURM scheme, the BMTC constructed the TTMC at Shantinagar for Rs 108.50 crore. "The Shantinagar TTMC will be named after former Prime Minister A B Vajpayee," the CM said.

Speaking about the service offered by the transport department in the state, Ashoka said," "Earlier, our officials visited states like Gujarat, Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu to study their transport models. But now, experts from other states are landing in Bangalore to study ours," the minister added."


Please see report from Source (TOI, 24/Sep/10)
Are these TTMCs really proving to be commercial sucesses ? A look at the Jayanagar TTMC raises serious doubts since spaces are empty for most part. Parking slots on upper floors remain vacant, most of the time. This being the case, where is the money (Rs.10 crores) being generated from ?

Does anyone have any idea about other TTMCs & their "success", barring Shantinagar, which has been commercialized (Big bazaar, offices, eatery, etc) ?


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TTMCs - Successful ?

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Ttmcs (Dom, Kml, Bg)
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Off-street parking

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At a bare minimum its a glorified bus shelter, which wants to utilize the airspace above it, but it can be made more useful as off-street parking lots if it was built with features appropriate to the location. 

For example the koramangala depot need to pay more attention to parking than to house more commercial spaces. It can be a good off-street parking location because of the road being a commercial one + being next to the indoor stadium. This can be enhanced by prohibiting on-street parking on that street.

On the other hand I dont see who is the audience to park in Santhinagar TTMC? Most of the business on KH road is towards the mission road end. The only parking audience could be lalbagh if they banned parking inside the premises and provided directions to this TTMC. It would have been more useful of the monorail went on Siddiah road having a station at this TTMC instead of on marigowda road, then the catchment for both TTMC & monorail will improve manifold.

Regd Yeswantpur TTMC, it can complement the YPR SWR parking and the upcoming brigade mall parking if it was well connected. But unfortunately it is not walking distance from both brigade North star commercial complex & the station. Even yeswantpur market is a round about walk on the main road with no short overpass access. The shuttle currently provided by BMTC can cover both the mall & SWR locations so it can be made more effective. In future it can pick up passengers from Soap factory metro & ypr metro as well. So there is long term potential if done properly.


Regdg commercial exploitation. Knowing how they maintain these buildings I would be loathe to put my business there.

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Prepaid Auto Stand in TTMCs

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Can they start prepaid and shared auto service in TTMCs to offer last mile connectivity. It would be helpful especially for those who cannot drive at all.

Also TTMCs are near some of the Metro stations such as upcoming Banashankari TTMC which is near Banashankari Metro station and Jayanagar TTMC which is near Jayanagar Metro station. Once Metro is operational, these TTMC could be used for park and ride of Metro too.

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Can TTMCs help last mile options ?

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I think yr suggestion to have pre-paid & shared auto from TTMCs is a possible answer to address last mile issues. Since there will be a congregation of commuters, a commuter interested in proceeding to one destination by auto could opt to wait a few minutes to find & 'collect' other such commuter/s to share an auto. This way, they will all benefit by sharing the auto fare.

Parking at Jayanagar TTMC & then walking upto Metro stn on Nanda rd may not be so comfortable since distance is over 1/2 km. comment guidelines

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