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BTC - Is this the end ?

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" The Karnataka High Court on Monday dismissed Bangalore Turf Club’s plea for more time and directed it to vacate the premises by September 22. The BTC’s plea — that the grant of land by the Mysore Maharaja’s government in 1915 was absolute — failed to impress the Bench, which made it clear that BTC needs to relocate "

Court asks government to preserve race course area as open space, suggests creation of mini forest No direction to government to give alternative land to BTC ORDER, ORDER The petitioner club cannot seek alternative land as a matter of right for racing and allied activities — Karnataka HC "


Well, this verdict could not be more severe for BTC, & it finds itself in a precarious & serious situation. What will they do now ? As per indications, they plan to file a special leave petition with the supreme court, but it seems doubtful if they will get any support, considering that their legal status itself is in serious doubt.

Further, the court has ruled that the state govt is not obliged to give any alternate land & land allocated to them (at Dodjala) was on a lake bed, which has also been challenged.

The best option for them would be shift all activities to Mysore, as had been suggested by the state govt earlier.

TOI Report here.


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What will happen to our 'derbyshire' ?

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The verdict is out:  The legal status, or rather, lack of any legal status for BTC has been exposed. With nothing at all in their favor, their situation is one of a homeless family now - disowned, discarded & chastised.

Though few of the prajas might be punters, BTC still deserves some consideration since there are several thousand people, employed by them directly or indirectly who might be displaced without jobs.

Some alternatives - move lock, stock & barrel to Mysore ?  Move far away from city - towards Cikballapur or Dodballapur side & buy their own land ? Close down completely & hope employees seek other avenues for their employment ? All choices seem very difficult for those who were employed by BTC.

Hope the likes of Vijay Mallya ponder over this & think up a solution for them !

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Greenfield race course

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Scared to think of BTC moving its activities to Mysore.  With funds not being a constraint, BTC should have a brand new RC somewhere outside Bangalore and not ask for Government to provide land, subsidy, etc. comment guidelines

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