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PT - Perceptions & Demands Vary

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As stated by ss87 on a previous thread, "Different people have different opinions", & only a large, all inclusive poll can reveal demands more accurately.

Generally, most planners (as opposed to users) try to increase frequencies & tend to pay lesser attention to the number of changes or transfers during the course of a journey. This might work fairly well in the case of Metro-to-Metro, Metro-to-Bus or Bus-to-Metro, when we do finally have a Metro system since transfers would usually be within the confines of the same station building, or a very short, comfortable walk since infrastructure being planned would enable this.

However, with bus services here of the kind at present, Bus-to-Bus transfers are considerably more difficult due to myriad problems (longer walks, heavy traffic, poor or non-existent sidewalks, potholed /dirty roads, many one-way streets, etc).

It is a fact that commuters by & large look for high travel speed, punctuality, good connectivity & high frequency of buses.

Low travel costs, easy access, comfort & convenience during travel might easily offset increased time of travel by public transport, provided other features are good, & this is where we have many stumbling blocks.

What are your thoughts on this ?


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My Perception

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 My perception:

 My home (Kattriguppe) is too far from work  , Doddenakundi after Marathalli on the ORR - around 26 kms.  Driving a car takes around 1hr 15 minutes but costs Rs.200 on a fuel efficient Maruthi 800 -  Pros - Time flexibility, can finish off other small work while going to office or while coming back. Cons - Too expensive, also increasing congestion, emission.

Company bus takes around 5 to 10 minutes more, it has got airconditioner and costs only 1,000 rupees a month - Cons - Lack of time flexibility, work on the way.

2 wheeler - Costs around 50 rupees a day. Fastest due to the ability to penetrate the traffic. Can reach the office in around 45 minutes to maximum 1 hour. Has all the flexibilities of car in addition to easier parking availability wherever we go, take easy diversions, u turns etc.

Cons : Dust on the road, safety on the ORR. 

For smaller distance via clean and neat roads, it could be the fastest and most economical. My office was like 8 kms earlier on Bannerghatta Road. I could reach there in 20 minutes through interior Jayanagar roads. Car used to take 40 minutes do to smaller roads.

BMTC Vajras, which is currently my mode of transport - Costs almost same as Company bus with Vajra pass @ 1,250. No direct bus although home walkable to ORR and office on ORR. I take V500K and I have to changeover at Marathalli. Has got time flexibility. Also, we can finish any work on the way. Frequency is very good in the morning at 10 minutes from 7:20 to 8:30.

It takes the highest time!! Although Vajras are as fast as cars and they consistently maintain 60+ wherever possible, just like cars, too many stops are slowing down and it takes 1hr 30 minutes minimum to 2hr 15 minutes. Nowadays more due to so many flyover constructions,one at HSR, another at Agara and one more at Bellandur.  Some drivers go lethargically when there is less traffic upto Jayadeva  from Kattriguppe during morning hours and when there is traffic after Jayadeva, again time is lost. Good Vajra driver-conductor combination finish the Kattriguppe-Silkboard in 30 minutes, whereas poor combination take 1 hour!.

I am not a Manager, but a technical contributor  by profession. I can work from wherever Internet is available! But, work from home is not encouraged in my team. That is why 4-5 hours is wasted!. 

I carry a wireless 3g datacard, in case of an emergency, I can login from bus itself (if I get seat! this has been another problem).

Company bus is now travelling via airport road to avoid the flyover mess. Next month onwards, since it is reasonable 1,000 rupees, I am planning to switchover to company bus. Incase, if I miss, anyhow have the Vajra. Company buses do not play any FM or music as per the instructions. People do take meetings (Mornings for syncing with Westcoast USA, Evenings for syncing with Eastcoast USA).within the bus since it is noise insulated and airconditioned. 

If I get delayed in the evenings while returning back, then it is hard to come by Vajra as the frequency after 6 is very less and hence buses get overcrowded. Normal buses are better late evenings than Vajras.

If I travel by car or bike, I cannot work in an emergency or take a meeting. Also it is highly cost effective and stressless.

For few people, who need physical presence, they face difficulty incase if BMTC is used. 



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Mixed mode travel

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Whatever the demands, the mission statement should be to connect every part within the Bangalore urban limits to the center of the city within 1 hour. And also connect the nearby towns by fast trains within 1 hour.

The most effective way found to move the most people the fastest is not the bus in mixed traffic trying to wiggle its way around but train on a dedicated/uninterrupted track. Dedicated could be BRTS style physical separation or on a separate grade like the metro.

Take the case of 5 hours from Janapriya layout to MG Road on another thread. It should ideally be 20 to 30 mins on Magadi road Big 7 till tollgate metro station and then another 15 mins to MG road on the metro. Not more than 90 mins to & fro worst case instead of the 5 hours. 

Ideally by car he should be able to take the nice road and Mysore road and reach in 40 mins faster than bus+train combination. But he will end up paying toll as a congestion charge and also bear the brunt of traffic on mysore road as he nears the city. Making the travel definitely closer to 3 hours. comment guidelines

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