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Metro Ph-2 being finalized ?

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A DH article dated 19-Nov-2009 stated that Metro Phase-2 would have two routes: one from Kathriguppe to ITPL, & the other from IIM-B to Nagawara. They would cover IIM-B, Jayadeva Hospital Circle, Dairy Circle, Vellara Junction, Old Airport Road, BEML, ITPL, Whitefield & Kattriguppe. The total length is about 55 km.

DMRC, as consultants are yet to finalise the financing model for phase II, & are working on three options: 100 per cent private funding (with a provision for the required viability gap funding), complete funding by government (both, Centre & State), & PPP (with government sharing civil works, with private partners taking charge of systems & operation).

If everything goes according to plan, work on phase II is slated to begin in mid 2010.

The combined (Phs 1 &2) routes according to this plan will appx'ly be as shown on the map below (click on it for biger image).

Metro Phase 2 -  Click for bigger image


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Metro Phase2 news

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Here's some news on Metro Phase2.

As per the news reported in DH, "The state Cabinet on Tuesday as cleared the revised estimate.
The second phase of the metro rail project covers 51 km. The second phase includes: connecting Mysore Road Terminal to Kengeri (7.7 km); Byapannahalli to ITPL (11.6km); Hesarghatta Cross - Bangalore International Exhibition Centre (4.20 km); Puttenahalli Cross - Anjanapura (6.7 km) and IIMB to Nagavara (21 km)."

DPR seems to be already submitted as per news below, it will be interesting to see the route alignment from Byapannahalli to ITPL.

"The detailed project report has been submitted by the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation Ltd (DMRCL)."



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prioritize lines..

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 so its finally here..the phase II plans..ah not the plans its the approvals!!

anyways about what we have here:

  • Extension: Mysore Road Terminal to Kengeri (7.7 km);
  • Extension: Byapannahalli to ITPL (11.6km);
  • Extension: Hesarghatta Cross - BIEC (4.20 km);
  • Extension: Puttenahalli Cross - Anjanapura (6.7 km) 
  • New Line: IIMB to Nagavara (21 km)

Are these routes based on any justifications? Still dont understand why DMRCL has to do everything on planning for NM..dont we have the expertise or are we so dumb that we dont understand our traffic needs?

Of the four extensions, just the one connecting Byp to ITPL makes any traffic sense for now..

The other new line route (IIMB - Nagawara) needs to be seen..I am sure this will also need tweaking...that is if they allow it!

As mentioned in the reports they are getting on this simultaneously along with Phase I so we better hurry!

I am not able to put up a poll on praja..maybe my access does not allow..but it would be interesting to know opinions on how we can prioritize..based on the lines below:

  • Mysore Rd to Kengeri (7.7 km);Hesarghatta to BIEC (4.20 km);Puttenahalli to Anjanapura (6.7 km);IIMB to Nagavara (21 km);Byapannahalli to ITPL (11.6km);
  • Byapannahalli to ITPL (11.6km);IIMB to Nagavara (21 km);Hesarghatta to BIEC (4.20 km);Puttenahalli to Anjanapura (6.7 km);Mysore Rd to Kengeri (7.7 km);
  • Hesarghatta to BIEC (4.20 km);IIMB to Nagavara (21 km);Puttenahalli to Anjanapura (6.7 km);Byapannahalli to ITPL (11.6km);Mysore Rd to Kengeri (7.7 km);


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Priority of Phase 2

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1. BYPL to ITPL Extension - This is the very highest priority. By the time we have Phase 1 UG section completes, if we have this extension finished, Namma Metro will really materialize. Atleast they should cross the KR Puram as stage 1 and make it operational since KR Puram hanging bridge junction is the main bottleneck. Then it should be extended till ITPL.

2. IIMB to Nagavara - Lots of traffic on BG Road. But, most of the IT companies including mine got relocated due to SEZ policy. Still lots of traffic from Meenakshi Temple all the way. Will be good link line for BTM folks, BG residents to connect to rest of the Metro network.

3. Hesarghatta to BIEC - Already NHAI is building something like BETL. But will result in development of real estate and business in this area and connect Nelamangala to Bengaluru.

4. Nayandahalli to Kengeri - Kengeri satellite town should get the connection since the population is ever increasing here. Real estate prices which were affordable here will shoot up, real estate folks using Namma Metro as selling factor.

5. Puttenahalli to Anjanapura - This is the least since we are building a Metro to place where very few people live. Anjanapura BDA sites have been just investment for Bangaloreans. Prices are increasing although very few people live there. People might start living there once NM is built there. May be Namma Metro is planning to connect to NICE road for their proposed Mono on Peripheral Ring Road.

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Question is other line of Phase 2

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Other line of Phase 2 was planned between Katriguppe and ITPL via HAL Airport Road. Later on this was taken out since Phase 1 Metro passes closely at Jayanagar and this line almost goes as close as less than 1km via Gandhi Bazaar at Ashram Circle which is less than 1 km from Phase 1 Metro which passes at National College Circle.

Second line should connect EC. BETL is a major objstruction for this. Although current traffic scenario is OK on the Hosur Road and our IT and BioCon chiefs are happy with the BETL, future growing traffic volume will create chaos again.

In DNA I read BYPL will be connected to EC without any details on the line. Probably I am guessing it might go through Indiranagar Main Road, Koramangala Inner Ring Road and somewhere parallel to Hosur Road.

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Metro Phase 2

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Even after this Phase 2 gets built (whenever), there will be vast swathe of areas, South east of Bangalore which is not being covered. Right from Silkboard, E-City, Hosur Road, HSR layout, Sarjapur road, ORR, Bellandur etc which are not getting metro access. And these are the fastest growing areas.


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  I read BYPL will be

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  I read BYPL will be connected to EC without any details on the line

BYPL is already connected to EC at chandapura by commuter rail line. But of course, convenient truths will be overlooked by authorities for multicrore "truths"

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Monorail considerations in Metro Phase-2 planning?

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 As noted by others, except for the obvious and expected Byappanahalli to ITPL extension, the Metro Phase-2 plan defies logic. It provisions for 50% extensions and 50% new lines.One would have expected a greater percentage of new lines being planned to decongest the Central Business District.

Is this decision forced by Mono rail plans by any chance? What exactly is the status of the Monorail plan for Bangalore? Recently, I saw a news report that mentioned a DPR prepared by some agency other than Scomi/Geodesic.

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agara monorail

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Majestic-Agara monorail was approved few months back, this maybe extended to electronic city. Monorail width is less so it can go parallel to BETL elevated highway.
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Karnataka high court says Keep public in the loop on projects

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The Karnataka high court on Tuesday directed the state government to involve the public in the formulation of any scheme, such as the Namma Metro project in future.

A petition, filed by environment support group, an NGO and others had challenged that rules have to be followed under the Town and Country Planning Act in the construction of the proposed Metro stations in Lalbagh, RV Road and Laxman Rao Park. The petitioners contended that in the master plan prepared by the Bangalore Development Authority (BDA), the stations were not depicted specifically. They said that while implementing the metro project, public participation as envisaged under the Karnataka Town and Country Planning Act was not enforced. comment guidelines

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