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Big-10 Feeder Services

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Prof.Ashwin Mahesh,

It had been a great opportunity for us to hear your views last Saturday. You had mentioned that contributions for the development of feeder services were welcome.

A lot of people are dependent on buses near where I reside (area east of SuranjanDas road, sandwiched between Old Airport road & Old Madras road) & bus services in the area & surroundings are quite infrequent. This is because all bus services are destination oriented - there are as many as eight bus terminals due to road width limitations. So, frequencies are low from each start point.

I have some suggestions for revamping & improving services & changing a majority of them to feeders for Big-10s & various other buses & also the Metro when it becomes operational (there are already excellent bus services on Old Airport road as also on Old Madras Road).

Please advise how I may forward you details – there are map extracts, etc that summarize the suggestions, which I would like to attach & forward for ease in understanding the situation/s.

Look forward to hearing from you.


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For Girinagar as well!!

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        I have prepared the same for a Avalahalli/Girinagar feeder service to both Big10 and the ring road service.
        Before I post that, I am in the midst of preparing a set of guidelines which can form a basis for such a service. I am not claiming the set tobe  the most comprehensive. I would propse to discuss the guidelines on Praja and then we can individually propose routes for different areas and pass them all together to Prof. Ashwin Mahesh. In such a scenario, the BMTC can possibly have the routes proposed for many localities and it will up to them as to where they want to start the feeder experiment to done. I guess they may prefer to start with a highly dense area like Jayanagar, Malleshwaram etc.

         what do you think about this??

-Srivatsava V

-Srivatsava V

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Feeder Bus Routes for Areas East of Suranjandas Rd

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Feeder Buses for Avalahalli /Girinagar Welcome !

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Hi Srivatsava,

Great that you are taking the initiative for the Girinagar Avalahalli area. Please go ahead & post your ideas for dos & donts & we could of course discuss them. I dont think BMTC will have specific areas in mind to start feeder or any services for that matter. They may probably start where they think it would work best & set an example for the other areas.

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Shanthinagar/ Banashankari connection needed to Girinagar

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Avalahalli / Girinagar / Srinagar needs frequent bus connectivity to Shanthinagar bus station. From there HOHO and big 10 to EC and Bannerghatta Road is available.

Also, if there is frequent buses to Banashankari bus stand via Kattriguppe, Kamakya, people get connectivity to ITPL, EC using 500K, 500N, 500A and 600K buses. It also connect Kanakapura Road Big10.


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I travel from Indiranagar to J.P.Nagar everyday for my work in 201. But the frequencies are not that great. Waiting time, sometimes is a way too much around 20-25 mins. 

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start demanding, and loudly too

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@ Kalgi - Firstly, welcome to PRAJA. Though you appear to have registered as a member sometime back, apparently, this is your first post.

Now, the solution to the problem posed by you may lie here (but, of course, there are enough people opposed to the suggestion, the reason for which, I would like to believe, you may find here). If you agree, you will have to start demanding for it (and, get your friends to join you, too), more stridently than the nay-sayers, and status-quoists. Well, whether you like it or not, that's democracy.

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