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What is the next scheduled event on Praja's interaction with BTRAC officials?

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Bengaluru is in the threshold of becoming a megapolis but it is not able to handle the ever increasing road traffic. The infrastructure is just not sufficient to handle the unprecedented growth in the number of vehicles on road. I would like to participate in issues related to improving traffic management in Bengaluru city. Let me know various methods / forums by which I can actively contribute. I can attend meetings, write articles, speak in public fora, etc. Thanks much.


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Welcome to Praja

148 users have liked. is a purely member driven community. Events and meetings happen when one of us (you, me or anyone else reading this) takes the simple effort to organize them.

You can start by writing your analysis on issues you like. Write anything - suggestions, complaints, or simple observations, but write local, and avoid motherhood talk (the obvious stuff).

As far as meeting BTRAC people is concerned, its very easy. We may not like BTRAC project, but people behind it are readily accessible. Just walk to Ashok Nagar police station, and they will show you their Traffic Management Center (it may be in the process of shifting to a new facility, not sure).

If Mr Sudhir is still around, he would know Praja as well.

For a broader based meeting with Traffic Police, Mr Sood himself is game for meetings. Just call his office (number on BTP website), and request a Saturday meeting. Then, post an event here, and use it to plan what we will do in the meeting. It is best to organize a meeting with them if there are specific things to talk. Generic meetings are good, but will not be worth our or their time.

If you have specific suggestions to give to Traffic police, just write emails to them. They usually reply. And share what you asked or suggested, and the reply you got with members here.

So this is it. No, I don't work for Traffic Police :) comment guidelines

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