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Single RR Number, Multiple gas connections- Can BBMP make use of data?

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Food & Civil supplies collected data abour RR Number of all LPG gas holders. It has found 1 to many i.e 1 RR Number to Multiple gas connections.

BBMP is always falling short of property tax collections. Above data can be very useful data for BBMP to enhance revenue collection, if this data shared with BBMP.


a)Single  Address/Property --> 1 RR Number --> Many LPG connections

b) Single  Address/Property - Multiple RR Number --> Many LPG connection (Property having separate meter for each house

Many people build 3-4 houses & rent it out, when it come for paying tax, property is shown as self occupied, reduce built in area. If BBMP get holds property details with multiple RR number and check whether that property is declared as self occupied/rented, they can enhance revenue collection.

c) Single  Address/Property --> 1 RR Number --> Single LPG connection.

Other alternative, if LPG details does not match owner details given in RR number, there is high probability of it is rented property.(Unless property is husbend name, LPG connection is one of family numbers name )


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