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Trash talk

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Out of sight, out of mind? Not many people think about what happens to the copious amounts of garbage generated daily. There doesn't seem to be much information on BBMP's website (surprise). Based on earlier articles in the media, it appears that there is still not a scientific landfill to handle Bengaluru's waste (let alone in other cities/towns in Karnataka). Scientific, meaning landfills lined with impervious membranes to prevent in- or ex-filtration. Some good initiative to clean up the unpleasant mess by Clean Bengaluru at They put out regular newsletters, latest being January 2011. At the bottom of the page there are links to other group partners. They also have a green map portraying the segregation conversion status. The number of green areas have gone up as compared to two months earlier. There is also a trash(y? - pun intended) article by DNA that details some of the organisations involved. The initiatives for garbage segregation coupled with the waste treatment plants should be adopted as quickly and widely as possible. BBMP and KSPCB should start effectively providing incentives and penalising offenders for a cleaner city/state.


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With all the noise about

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With all the noise about garbage, what is lost in the din is the following:

-  As posted above,
"Scientific, meaning landfills lined with impervious membranes to prevent in- or ex-filtration."
need to be provided.  From news articles it appears (newspapers don't often research so it is difficult to be certain) that scientific practices are not adopted to mitigate the health issues.  Some guidelines of advanced countries are thorough; if we don't have guidelines, we can reivse them but it boils to enforcement like the one by KPSCB chief (may be as a last hurrah before retirement similar to that by Santhosh Hegde).
-  People reside too close to the landfills though there may be laws mandating certain minimum distance.
-  Segregation at source and enforcement of ban on plastic are the need of the day. comment guidelines

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