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Feeder bus service - at last

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Feeder service has been introduced between the City Central station and KBS/Majestic. Excerpts from the article below (from DH Metro; link -

"Since June, the BMTC has been offering a free bus service to the commuter from the railway station to the bus stand and back.
There are two blue-coloured Swaraj Mazda buses with a board saying ‘Free Service’. One runs from 4.30 am till noon while the other runs from 8 am to 8 pm.
The 35-seater bus also has a separate stand for luggage. People can also avail the same service from Yeshwantpur Railway Station to Yeshwantpur Bus Stand.

For all those hankering for last mile (:-)), if this service is replicated, it should work, eh?

"The service was introduced as a result of a Memorandum of Understanding between the BMTC and the South-Western Railways to provide a better service to the commuter. "

Possibly the first customer-friendly MoU by Railways (just joking; more like the most visible one). Here's hoping that similar service is implemented at all under-utilized stations to serve the people in the surrounding areas (or "catchment" areas in Praja parlance ;-) )

"V Krishnappa, the traffic controller in-charge of the bus service, says many people are not aware of this facility and hence, haven’t been using this service. "

The sign is pathetic (seen in original article in online version of the newpaper).  If it is "advertised" as poorly as Vayu Vajras at the airport with no signages leading to the buses and buses not visible when passengers exit the terminal, what is the point in complaining about low usage? The taxis/autos are more easily visible / accesible and the drivers pester people; can BMTC not be at least more visible?

"The service is a boon for aged, physically challenged people, patients, commuter with small children and also passengers carrying heavy luggage."

It is unclear how this is implemented unless there are hydraulic lifts for the above category people; anyway how do these people get to effectively utilize railways? Isn't the train floor above the platform floor unlike metro or commuter / local trains in other cities? Seems to be marketing propoganda.

Looking forward to hearing from people that utilized the service. comment guidelines

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