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Listing points I'd like to be taken up at Egipura Ward (No148) Committee meet

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Listing below points that I's like taken up at the Egipura Ward (No 148) Committee meet scheduled for 11AM on 1st Dec, '18:
1) Flood mitigation plan: What had been told to us is that a pipe is being laid below the road from near Sony World junction to near Kamal Bakery junction, where the water will be collected in a wet-well, and pumped through another web of pipes (below the SWD) to the Bellandur lake. Can we have more details on the project, as also the current status?
2) New Sewage line: 6ft dia pipes are currently being laid in the Nirguna mandir layout main road, supposedly to convey sewage from near Games Village/ New Mantri mall/ Passport office area to Bellandur lake via the SWD/ S T Bed layout 1st main (check here). Where is the STP for this going to be located? Wouldn't it have been better (and much cheaper) to have the STP located near the source itself, particularly when all new housing complexes with 50 units or more are having to set up their own captive STP's? Also, what is the current status of the project?
3) SWD: Why is sewage flowing in our SWD's? Is there an overall map of the existing sewage disposal system peretaining to the ward/ area? Can it be made accessible to the public?
4) Power Supply: BESCOM supply is seen to be very erratic, seriuosly affecting the quality of life, including of the common man. Very often, when supply is restored after a break/ interruption/ shut-down/ load-shedding, it is found that the phases are reversed, posing a great hazard to equipment of all types. This is apart from the huge consumption of costly diesel oil for operating gen-sets, which is in turn adding hugely to severe air pollution.  
At a meeting held almost a month back, the MLA had stated that he will take up the matter of improving the power supply to near 100% reliability level (as in Delhi, Mumbai, etc), by privatising, if required (check here). What is the status on that?
5) Walkability: Along a number of roads, the only provision for walking is on slabs laid on road-side drains. This is totally unacceptable, more so with many slabs laid in an uneven manner, many broken and many missing, making it all very hazardous for the pedestrian. What is needed is "TenderSure" quality walk-ways/ foot-paths.
I will add more as we go along.  
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