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The "Citizens for Bengaluru" is organising a "BekuBedaSanthe" on the 15th Oct, and the following is what I posted on their web-site as comprising my initial "wish-list" (The linked blog-posts provide more details. Perhaps, I could add on more, as we go along):
1) Nagara Palike Act (74th amendment) implement mada beku; directly elected Mayor beku; Bengaluru Metropolitan Planning Committee vitalise maada beku (to ensure development of the city in an environmentally and economically sustainable way) -
6) Lakes mathu water bodies na kaapaada beku, water supply professionalise maada beku, perhaps UK cities maaduva thara -
7) "less government; more governance" beku -
8) Subsidies kodangae idrae, adella Aadhaar mukhanthara mada beku
2) Government job ntha haelubittu, pourakarmikara-na, mathu youth-na exploit maada beda -
Muralidhar Rao



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Its good opportunity for citizens who wants to contribute

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Please participate and give your vauable contributions / ideas  how city can be improved on areas which you can make difference or ur interested.

Many of the Civic issues as shared by Murali have been discussed  on Praja site over  years.  But Govt officials need to take these suggestions and make change to city issues

Looking forward to the event  with some impact on issues.


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