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Metro Ph 3 - along a circular route - did you know?

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Metro Rail

Meanwhile, Phase 3 is also on the cards. “We have already started planning Phase 3 of the Metro. Unlike Phase 1 and 2 which go across the city, north to south, east to west, Phase 3 will be a circular route around the city,” he (MD, Mr Kharola) said.

For the full report in the New Indian Express, click here.

This is the first time I am hearing about about the Phase 3 proposals. Is this the best option for the city? Is it based on some kind of a proper study? If yes, are details available to the public? Even if based on a study, doesn't a project of such magnitude, apart from its impact on the life of the citizens, call for proper citizen consultations?

Anybody wants to enlighten me?

Muralidhar Rao


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Here is my email to BMRCL, awaiting response

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Dear Sir,

I read in news papers that Phase 3 Metro Route Survey is in Progress. One line is possibly 
along the Eastern outer Ring Road between Silkboard and Hebbal.

I work on this stretch at Doddanekundi Village. But I have some thoughts on this which I would 
like to share with you.

CTTP 2007 report suggested a Bus Rapid Transit System of the likes of Ahmedabad for Outer Ring 
Road which would be more sustainable, easy and faster to implement.

If we have a Metro along this corridor, still we would have many localities not connected and 
many lines disconnected unless the commuters make 3-4 changeovers since it is not a full 
circle. A full circle Metro, within the Outer Ring Road would be more viable than a semi or 
less than semi circle Metro.

This is the route map I am proposing for a Circular Metro which can connect rest of the lines 
passing through core localities of Bangalore.

This route would connect most of the routes except the proposed Bommasandra Line. A little 
modification near Jayanagar for this route could connect even the Bommasandra Line if needed.



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Is this route based on road network and is it all elevated or do any UG sections need to get planned? What is the catchment numbers?

There are multiple questions which crop up when we see this..

As you know metro PH II is trying to draw a grid on the bangalore map and this is ideal i think as this is how some of the most successful metro networks round the world is based on..the route you suggest will be a departure from that.

I have no thoughts on how feasible that is but we need to see how economical it is and also we need to weigh options like that of monorail too for implementaiton..

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Re: Alignment

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Hi Srinidhi,

This route is mostly underground and partially elevated say in Inner Ring Road, Koramangala, Basaveshwarnagar Main Road etc.

This is not based on any road as such, but could be aligned to multiple roads and we can also have Monorail if Metro rail is not feasible. But having such a route either in the form of Mono / Underground Metro is very important.

In the first place, in most of the Indian Cities, Radial Public Transit Routes (not necessarily Metro) are generally considered and not the Circular Routes which connects neighbouring localities. Due to this there is no public transport  between two localities if both of them is not in the path of reaching the city centre from a nodal point. Bangalore is an exception, we see the wide use of Big Circle and Kendriya Saarige Bus network. Mysore for example is lacking this totally and facing the above stated problem.

A fully circular route will also eliminate the burden at the city centre and slowing down of entire network due to a problem at the junction. Say for instance, in the existing setup, if there is any problem in the Majestic Interchange, people will face major problem. Although Mysore is not a rail network, but bus network, I am stating here as an example, during Dasara due to dependency on the CBS like our Majestic, entire bus network will go for a toss.

There are many cities across the world which are using Circular Metro and have found it very useful. More details could be found here:

May be the cities which you have seen or travelled across might be using different type of routings due to Geographical Layout of the city. 

Earlier, Scomi has proposed a Monorail for Bangalore which is more or less on similar route:

A Metro on Outer Ring Road would be full of disconnects. Bommasandra line partially covers Marenahalli Road and Outer Ring Road. Another Metro line may start between Silkboard - Hebbal. Again this would overlap with the proposed Yelahanka - Sarjapur Metro. Proposed Hoskerehalli - Marathalli line would be almost a duplicate for the East West Corridor passing 2-5 kms apart. I don't make much meaning out of it.

Silkboard - Hebbal - Yelahanka is a beautiful corridor for a sustainable BRTS. Road below the  flyover between Hebbal till Yelahanka Cross could be used for BRTS.  Yelahanka - Hosur commuter Rail is also possible on the underutilized Byappanahalli - Hosur route. When there is so much option for sustainable transit for the proposed Metro corridors, why to spend crores of public money on Metro.

There was a proposal for Light Rail between Bannerghatta Road - Hebbal on the Western Half of Outer Ring Road and a recent proposal to replace it with Metro. Even this would be duplication between Kanakapura Road - Bannerghatta Road since the Bommasandra Metro passes within 2 kms range parallely on the Marenahalli Road. A Light Rail / Mono between Kanakapura Road  to Hebbal would be best suited. If it is light rail, it could also pass at Grade between Nayandahalli on Mysore Road till Tumkur Road cutting the cost and time of construction.

The proposed route on the other hand would be a feeder cum trunk route. A person working in Koramangala / Inner Ring Road could utilize this as a trunk route and one working in ITPL / Electronic City as a feeder route. It is OK if it is Monorail / Underground Metro, but we need a complete circle right of the way transit network. If BMRCL thinks that it is too expensive and complex for them, let IDD invite Monorail operators. Scomi had almost proposed on similar route and it might pick it up.


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BRTS - From KIA to Electronics city/White Field

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I was coming from KIA this morning and thought, BRTS from KIA to Electronic City or White Field is possible and can be implemented with out much investment.

KIA to Hebbal - already its 10 lanes - couple of lanes for BRTS should not be a problem. on this stretch, places like kodigehalli,byataranapura,kogilu cross, and few engineering colleges like MVIT, chikkajala, sathnur is covered.

Hebbal to White Field/electronic city - the only bottel neck is KR puram fly over, if some thing can be done for this, there will be a seamless flow for BRTS till white Field/Electronic city.

As we can see there are dedicated lane is there at all the newly contructed flyovers, there should not be any problem to run BRTS on this.

similarly, KIA to Hebbal to Mysore road - BRTS can be intorduced, once the flyovers at various junctions are cpmpleted. ROB and Flyover at rajkumar samadhi is going on...hopefully should be done in next 2 years. -- so we can have seamless connectivity from KIA till Mysore road or beyond..probably Bidadi.

I think by this we can have a good connectivity with south,north,east and west side of Bangalore. it can be done in quick time and with out wasting much of tax payers money.

do not know how to take this to the right authorities. pelase note I am not against Metro, but the construction of metro phase III will take atleast 25 years from now. considering this we can have which electric buses can be run and contributing to the environment also to some extent.

any thoughts on this please !!





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shouldn't plans evolve through public consultation?

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From all the talk that this blog has generated so far, apparently, there is very little info in the public domain about the overall plan for the Metro Phase-3. Shouldn't we be demanding that it should evolve out of public consultation?

As for BRT, as also its mini version, about which this blog has generated some discussion, I have already expressed my views comprehensively enough (it's accessible here). I haven't found any reason as yet to change that.

Muralidhar Rao
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Where there is will there is a 'Bus' way

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Thanks Kamalakar. Basically Government has to make its mind to goahead on BRTS instead of having multiple projects just on paper which could solve our problem only after 20-25 yrs.

Where there is will there is an easy way that is 'Bus' way.

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This is obviously a ploy to

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This is obviously a ploy to kill CRS and BRTS. Metro trying to monopolize public transport in Bangalore.

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Ph-3 Circular Route

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My 2 cents ....

Is it based on some kind of a proper study?

CTTP 2007 report suggested a Bus Rapid Transit

I'm given to understand that the CTTP proposed BRT along ORR is under consideration as is a metro corridor. The reason for preparing a metro DPR is that BRT's capacity may not be sufficient as traffic volumes are already very high on eastern ORR & are increasing on western ORR after completion of grade separators recently.

doesn't a project of such magnitude, apart from its impact on the life of the citizens, call for proper citizen consultations?

Public perceptions are necessary no doubt, but I'm not sure metro routes can be finalized based merely on public consultation. Traffic surveys, feasibility /viability, construction /engineering hurdles, integration with other routes under construction etc have to be taken into consideration as well.

This is the route map I am proposing for a Circular Metro which can connect rest of the lines passing through core localities of Bangalore.

It would help better if other metro routes are also drawn on the same map to get a complete picture & check if the route suggested would be useful.

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Must be implemented without any glitches from the court

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I appreciate the MD, BMRCL for metro phase 3. But implementation of the project must be abide with time frame work to complete the same within the specified duration. This will ensure those who are travelling to work in four wheelers will switch on to the metro where he/she can reach the destination within no time. Its pollution free. So, the project implementation is the main hurdle in any project. About the funds, who will fund for the metro phase 3. Metro phase 1 has not been completed till now which had many glitches. The implementation of Metro phase 1 is a loss due to not abiding for the time frame which had been made to complete it by March 2014  and it may become profitable after five to six years. 

Vidyadhara B V

BE (Instrumentation Technology), MCE, Hassan.

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PH - 3 Circular Route

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Silkboard - Hebbal stretch, near Bellandur was poorly planned. Four flyovers two in each direction  constructed could have been merged  to two flyovers one in each direction. Now as soon as there is landing on one of the flyovers, traffic from many tech parks merges directly onto the main road leading to chaos at the night.

Same is the problem in K R Puram. Poor design is leading to chaos. These kind of planner made mistake, we would miss a sustainable BRTS here. A properly planned Outer Ring Road with BRTS would have been like this as seen in Istanbul

Even for Metro, K R Puram would be a huge hurdle with Phase 2 Reach 1 extension meeting here along with Hanging Bridge etc.

It is still possible with the hurdles at K R Puram and Bellandur sorted out.

At least we can have such a system where it is feasiable like Peripheral Ring Road being planned. comment guidelines

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