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Neta/ Babu car travels the cause of all that is rotten in the city

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Transport Minister Ramalinga Reddy blamed engineers and officials of the BBMP for the poor progress in waste management. “BBMP officials do not seem to see anything. The engineers and joint commissioners sit in their cars and travel through the city but they do not see the garbage on the roads or problems of citizens,” he said. He was speaking at the inauguration of the National Conference of Residents’ Welfare Associations (RWA) here on Saturday. He stressed the need for RWAs and their role in ensuring that works in the city were properly executed. - - - Considering that over 600 RWAs existed, he said he would direct the Mayor to consult with and discuss projects with residents as it affected them the most. “We can also think of providing land to every RWA so they at least have an office to work from,” he said.

For the full report in the New Indian Express, click here

Mr Reddy has indeed hit the nail on the head. But, the same applies to the neta's too. They never ever seem to get to walk the roads in the city. Otherwise, we will not be having as pitiable pedestrian (non)-facilities as you have here. And, this is not isolated instance. All across the city the story is the same

Leave alone the footpaths (rather, apologies for the same), they can't even bother with the upkeep of the roads they drive on, since they are invariably chauffeur-driven, and don't quite feel the pains of driving either.

The simple answer to this could lie in making commuting between home and work by public transport, even as the official trips can be by car. The practice can start in phases, and say by the end of a year, it should compulsorily apply to all the neta's and babu's, excepting perhaps at the highest levels, for security reasons. This is the surest and only way to ensure the ushering in of good quality pedestrian facilities, roads, as well as public transport systems across the city.

PS: Inspite of being quite keyed to the Civil Society goings on in the city, I somehow missed this event altogether. I wonder if it was meant to be a very exclusive show.

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