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CiSTUP study of the Autorickshaw Sector in Bangalore City, Dec 12

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A summary of "A Study of the Autorickshaw Sector in Bangalore City - Suggestions for Improved Governance, December 2012, CiSTUP, IISc" states as below (the full text may be accessed here; while the full text of the report may be accessed here)

Autorickshaws are the primary para-transit mode in Bangalore city. Plugging the gap between public and private transport modes, they are an important and integral part of the city's public transportation system. Their mode share has grown consistently over the years, pointing to the demand for their services. As per 2008 figures, autos catered to a substantial 13% of total trips (equivalent to the share of private four-wheelers), while constituting only 3% of total vehicular numbers (where 4-wheelers constituted 16%). Moreover being in the private sector, they provide a valuable public transport service, sans government funding and little if any subsidy. Despite the significant supporting role played by them, they do not receive adequate attention. Rather there is a disparaging attitude towards them in general, and laws/regulations tend to focus more on limiting or discouraging them. It is important to recognise that though there are shortcomings (which are
at times the result of other systemic issues), autos in themselves are not bad. What is required is an enabling policy and environment that capitalizes on their positives and minimizes their negatives. It is crucial to look at the improvement of autorickshaw services and integrate them with other public transportation systems in the city to arrest the rapid and disturbing shift to private modes.

The objectives of this study were to:

  • Present a comprehensive assessment of the autorickshaw sector in Bangalore City - looking into the regulatory environment (laws/rules, formal procedures), market and operational characteristics, associated economics, non-formal elements (role of middlemen), purchase and financing mechanisms, stakeholder profiles (roles/responsibilities) and perspectives, private entrepreneur solutions/initiatives, etc.
  • Identify key issues and areas for improvement (both at specific and systemic levels), and put forward some suggestions/recommendations based on the same.

The larger aim was to raise awareness, highlight and bring real (underlying) issues into focus, encourage greater dialogue among stakeholders and ultimately, to inform policy and decision-making for improved service and governance of the autorickshaw sector.

I expect Prajagalu would like to contribute to the dialogue in a big way.

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