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Traffic Police owns up responsibility for enforcing Number Plate rules

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With the traffic police looking at enforcement of Sec 49 of Central Motor Vehicles Rules, 1989 (under Motor Vehicles Act, 1988), pertaining to 'defective number plates' (the biggest issue here of course pertaining to the Kannada number plates - very few people want to identify it as such, since it is supposed to be a 'sensitive' matter), largely from the traffic management angle, and not as much from the more serious security angle, I had submitted a representation to the City Police Commissioner, as per the attached document.

Over the last two weeks, I have received letters from Basavanagudi, Banshankari, and Chamarajpet traffic sub-division in-charge officials, stating more or less that, as directed by the Commissioner, they will in future be enforcing the rules strictly, in this aspect, in their jurisdictional areas (click here). Though all of these sub-divisions come under ACP Traffic, South, which again come under the overall jurisdiction of DCP Traffic (West), I expect the directive from the Commissioner is not just to these alone, and that I will be receiving similar letters from the ten or more of the others also.

Obviously, the Commissioner has appreciated the point I have made, and acted as needed, without making a prestige issue of it, as many officials are generally wont to. I must place on record my hearty appreciation of this outlook of his.

Well, now that the jurisdiction aspect has been sorted out, and the Commissioner has also appreciated the security aspects involved, I expect the enforcement will become stricter. And, perhaps with a view to helping out, Prajagalu could keep posting details of violations on the BTP facebook wall.

Muralidhar Rao

PS: This is not a Kannada vs English issue, nor a Kannadiga vs outsider issue. So, please don't bring these up in the debate here. Debates on those issues are on-going on PRAJA, and if you wish to contribute, you may access them here, apart from other blogs.


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may be, start an educational project

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It would be good if a member with expertise in graphics could post pictures here (or on a new project blog) of the recommended practices, as also the generally seen incorrect practices. May be, we can then get ptrol bunks to display these prominently for the benefit of the public, particularly auto's and taxi's.

Muralidhar Rao
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Also more photos( of non

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Also more photos( of non standard number plates) to the BTP facebook page? comment guidelines

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