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Public can say 'no' to malls

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Traffic jams

If you don't want a mall in your area, just put your foot down. If mayor D Venkateshmurthy has his way, citizens will have their say when a plea is made to the BBMP's town planning wing on malls coming up in residential zones. The issue was discussed at length at the BBMP council meeting on Wednesday, with corporators led by opposition leader MK Gunasekhar saying that malls, especially those in residential areas, create huge traffic jams. The mayor said that henceforth, standing committees will consult the public while giving approval for the construction of a mall in BBMP limits.

For the full report in the ToI, click here

Here is perhaps an indication of how the elected representatives are finally beginning to reflect the mood of the people, since ultimately they are dependent on the people for their re-election.

Now, as far as Koramangala is concerned, there has been some talk that the hurried execution of this end of the "Agara to Sirsi Circle signal-free corridor" (check here for more on that) is largely for easy access to a huge mall supposedly coming up in the recalimed land originally downstream of Agara lake, and part of the catchment of the Bellandur lake.

Well, there are enough malls already in and around Koramangala, in fact more than the carrying capacity of the area, resulting in some of them having to close down even. As such, another mega mall, and the resulting traffic congestion, is something that the people here could do without. May be a representation along these lines needs to be made to the local Corporator, as also the Mayor, lest we have another Malleswaram like situation developing here (check this)

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Good idea

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I think this is a great idea to have the mall developer present the development to the people & take a  referendum on the same from the people of the area before approaching the BBMP etc for permissions. The BBMP can take into account the suggestions made by the public before granting permission.

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The same mayor is suggestin a mall at jayanagar shopping complex

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The same mayor is suggesting to come up with a mall at Jayanagar shopping complex.

For more info, read TOI report - http://timesofindia.india...

This is definitely a non-sense suggestion. A mall coming up there, how will the hawkers and a lot of people who sells a lot of things, household stuffs at affordable prices to many of the aam-aadmi, even to all kinds of poeple of society. It will be impossible for those hawkers and other sellers to contiue their current earning activity, and even not all people are able to go to mall and can buy stuff.

Instead of BBMP giving spaces for many hawkers and other footpath sellers, instead of coming up of more bazars, and many other hawkers who sits illegally on many footpaths, encroaching those pedestrians right of way, can have a legal space to continue their earning.

Also, another suggestion to Prajagalu's whenever you read any TOI report (either in physical form or internet), please go to its web-link and post some comment there, as TOI keep publishing reports of the news which get more and more user comments.


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malls in residential places?

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What are the current law? Does anybody know?  I am just curious as to how Malls are even allowed in residential areas.

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City can take more malls

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I believe there is a report based on the study done by a urban planning firm which states that Bangalore has the capacity to take more malls, about 50+. Is there a mall coming up at the old Kino theatre?

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Bus bays in front of malls?

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Look at the new Bangalore central that has come up in Bellandur.. It has ocme up near a fly over construction site, which is already jammed.. and we had the service road to ease the traffic jams, but now wiht the mall, service roads are entirely for the traffic to the mall.. the 4 or 6 screen multiplex there is good enough to attract traffic :)

On the other hand, It would be nice if the BBMP can entice the mall-builders to allow for a bus bay in front of the mall..  Leave enough space for a bus-bay, and promise them that they would put a BMTC bus stop there (of course subject to conditions, such as not having an existing bus bay within some distance on either side, not having to reroute any buses to accomodate the mall etc..). This might be a win-win situation for the mall owners as well as for the public, since having a bus bay right in front of the mall would attract more people to the mall. The public benefits by having proper bus bay, and hence taking the pressure off the road, due to buses stopping at random locations.. 



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relevant comment

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A comment by RS in a yahoo-group:

This reminds me of the 2007 protest in Sweden against malls. All the residents hung red flags from their windows and got a mall stopped: (counteracting mall culture)

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