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Proceedings of Feb and April Citizen forum meeting on traffic improvements (earlier called TAC)

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21.04.2012 meet

Additional Commissioner of Police, Traffic, Bangalore City welcomed all the officers and traffic experts and gave a brief presentation on Action taken on the suggestions received during the previous citizen’s forum meeting held on 18.02.2012.  Commissioner of Police, Bangalore City initiated discussions on the agenda subjects.

1) Lane discipline drive:
Additional Commissioner of Police, Traffic, Bangalore City stated that lane discipline drive will be commenced from first week of May 2012.  The delay in commencing the lane discipline drive is due to delay in road marking by the BBMP.  The Bangalore Traffic Police has finalized tender for painting the junctions under B-TRAC for 25,000 sq.m.  The painting work is likely to commence from last week of April 2012.  

The members of Citizen Forum have given the following suggestions on Lane Discipline Drive:
a. Lane marking should include arrow marking on the roads leading to junctions.
b. Parking should be banned for atleast 30 metres at the junctions.
c. Road humps near junctions should be removed as they are detrimental to free flow of traffic.       
d. Big 10 roads should have adequate Traffic police patrolling.  This will help the people to choose these roads more frequently and decongest other roads.  Two roads should be chosen initially and intensive patrolling should be organised.
e. BBMP should acquire some lands near junctions for bell mouthing the junctions.  This will help to provide free left turns.
Additional Commissioner of Police, Traffic, Bangalore City stated that the following 16 junctions are chosen for commencing lane discipline drive:
1. Queen’s Statue Circle
2. Anil Kumble Circle
3. Basaveshwara Circle
4. Shivananda Circle
5. Cauvery Arts and Crafts Junction
6. Ashok Nagar Signal Light
7. Bhashyam Circle
8. South-end Circle
9. Lalbagh West Gate
10. S.M.Circle
11. B.M. Sri Circle, Indiranagar
12. K.R. Road – Cubbon Road Junction
13. M.M.Road – Mosque Road in Frazer Town
14. Water Tank junction in Koramanagala
15. UCO Bank junction near Forum Mall
16. Manipal Centre.

2) Removal of unscientific road humps:
Additional Commissioner of Police, Traffic, Bangalore City stated that the traffic police have identified 1684 unscientific road humps across the City. Out of this, 1375 have been removed. The remaining unscientific road humps have been recommended for conversion into scientific road humps.

Many members felt that there is an urgent need to restore the road surface by asphalting caused due to removal of unscientific road humps. Sri. Basavaraj Kabade, Executive Engineer, BBMP stated that instructions have been given to all BBMP Zonal officers to take up all the works on top priority.  He also stated that painting of authorized scientific road humps is under way and will be completed soon.  Road studs will also be put up by BBMP bringing more visibility of road humps during nights.

3) Bus Priority Lane:
Additional Commissioner of Police, Traffic, Bangalore City stated that DULT and BMTC have proposed bus priority lane from Siddalingaiah circle to ITPL and from ITPL to Richmond Circle and the same was being discussed with Bangalore Traffic Police and other stakeholders.  

Prof. Sreehari mentioned that bus priority lane is not feasible in the existing road width.  There is a need to develop Bus Rapid Transit Systems (BRTS) on new roads.  

Sri. B.Purushotham Murali, representative from DULT clarified that the present bus priority lane is not dedicated bus lane, the busses will go in the extreme left lane and other vehicles will also be allowed in the left lane. Sri. R.K.Mishra, Member, ABIDE mentioned that bus priority lane should not be confused with dedicated bus lane.  Buses will move on the left lane along with other vehicles. After discussion it was decided that BMTC may be asked to give presentation on Bus priority lane in the next meeting.  

4) Road Safety Campaign:
Additional Commissioner of Police, Traffic, Bangalore, stated that Bangalore Traffic Police will conduct a Road Safety through Painting competition at Cubbon Park on Sunday – April 29, 2012.  Citizens could participate in the Painting Competition which would be held at Cubbon Park at 10.00 a.m.  People can chose any road safety theme like Drunk and Driving, Use of Mobile Phone, Use of Helmet by two wheelers, Safety Belt, etc.,  Wide publicity will be given for this campaign and efforts will be made to rope in some celebrities.  He also requested all the members of the Citizens Forum to participate in the road safety through painting campaign.  

Sri. Vishwanath Seetharam, ORRCA, Bangalore, agreed to write to all IT professionals to participate in the campaign.     

5) Improvements of Outer Ring Road:
Commissioner of Police stated that service roads all along the Outer Ring Road are in bad shape and need restoration for easing congestion on the main way.  Sri. Chikkarayappa, Engineer - Member, BDA, stated that BDA will take up the restoration of service roads on top priority from Hebbal fly over to Central Silk board junction.  It was decided to conduct a joint inspection by BDA, Traffic Police and some members of the Citizens Forum of Outer Ring Road on 23.04.2012 at 9.30 a.m.

6) Road Side Vendors on Outer Ring Road between  Marathalli junction to Ibloor junction.
Sri. Viswanath Seetharam, ORRCA, stated that many road side vendors, especially tender coconut vendors were mushrooming at many places on Outer Ring Road between Marathalli junction and Iblur junction.  Commissioner of Police directed Traffic police to remove these vendors with the help of BBMP officials on top priority. The Homeguards at this stretch of Outer Ring Road will be trained by Traffic Training Institute before they are deployed.

7) Other Issues:-
i) Smt. Rugmani Prabhakar, Project Director, Human Development Centre, suggested that the Taxi Drivers and Auto Drivers may be given training in Yoga and Meditation to improve traffic discipline on roads.  She stated that this programe has been highly successful in Dubai, UAE.
ii) It was agreed that Bangalore Traffic Police will publish list of all roads where parking is banned and put up the same in their website.
iii) Traffic Police will ensure free left turn at junctions where traffic channels are present like Siddalingaiah Circle.
iv) BDA Engineer Member appraised the members about the following:

  • Mysore Road – Nayandanahalli grade separator work- Level 1, i.e. across the Mysore Road connecting ring roads shall be completed by June 1, 2012.  Similarly, Level -2 shall be completed by December 2012.  The debris lying around shall be cleared in the next couple of days.
  • K.R.Puram- The foot over bridge proposed across the O.M. Road connecting K.R.Puram Railway station would be undertaken post discussions with BMRCL. The road widening at O.M. Road toward Lowry School shall be undertaken after obtaining land from the school.

v) It was decided that BMRCL shall be invited to attend meetings from the coming meeting.
The meeting ended with Vote of Thanks by Additional Commissioner of Police, Traffic, Bangalore City.

18-02-2012 meet

At the outset the Addl. Commissioner of Police, Traffic welcomed all Traffic Experts and briefed about the action taken on the suggestions given by Traffic Experts in the previous Citizen Forum Meeting held on 17-12-2011 and the following points emerges from the discussions in the meeting.

  • Preparation of Short Term Traffic de-congestion plan for Bangalore City.
  • Campaign to improve lane discipline in the City.
  • Safe Route to School.
  • Components of B-TRAC project
  • Any other suggestions from members of Citizen’s Forum.

After the briefing, the meeting was followed by various suggestions and the issues rose by the Forum which was addressed by Shri. B.G. Jyothiprakash Mirzi, Commissioner of Police, Shri. Mishra and Shri. Ashwin Mahesh.

Addl. CP, Traffic stated that a very good response had come for campaign about Seat Belt system in Bangalore City and also stated that the Prepaid Auto Stands, Re-route the Bus-routes i.e Richmond Circle, Lalbagh Main Gate, Palace Road etc., had been satisfactorily implemented.

I) Preparation of Short Term Traffic De-congestion Plan for Bangalore City.
A detailed discussion was held regarding the Short Term Plans for improving the traffic scenario in Bangalore City.  It eases the traffic movement as well as avoids road accidents also.  Shri. R.K. Mishra requested all the members in the Forum to prepare the Short Term Traffic Management Plan and the plan would be costing about 5 Crores to 10 Crores with short interval of time.  In line with this, Prof: M.N. Sreehari stated that the facilities for the pedestrians to be provided on all the roads in the Bangalore City. He also insisted that previously a survey had been already done and found that there is no standard width for pedestrian walk-way in all the roads in Bangalore.  He stated that a minium of 1.5m is sufficient for pedestrian footpath on both the sides of the road.  Regarding the road side illumination, solar lights is present.  Prof: Sreehari requested BESCOM and other agencies to prune the tree branches for better visibility on the roads in Bangalore City.  Prof. M.N. Sreehari stated that crossing facility to be provided at an interval of 500.00m on all the roads and at the junctions, pedestrian raised cross-walks to be provided.  He mentioned that on Old Airport Road, a bus-bay to be provided near Manipal Center in order to avoid the traffic congestion on this particular streth of road.

Prof: Ashwin Mahesh insisted the Bruhath Bangalore Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) should have separate budget for pedestrian facilities and be included in this financial year that would be helpful for the non-motorized traffic users of the city.

Shri. M.T. Naik insisted that the Pass-ovrs to be provided for cross roads.

Regarding the Short Term Plan, Addl. CP, Traffic mentioned that the Short Term Plan had been prepared for K.R. Puram and implementation is under progress.

The improvements to be done for the following corridors and as mentioned below;

  • Silk Board to 16th Main Road
  • Bommanahalli
  • Rajajinagar
  • Sirsi Circle to TIN Factory on Mysore Road
  • Town Hall Junction.

Regarding the Short Term Plans, Shri R.K. Mishra stated that the roads to be identified for improvements and the detailed discussion would be held on 25th February, 2012 in the Office of Addl. Commissioner of Police. Shivajinagar at 03-30 PM.

Mrs. Doris K. Raj D’Souza appreciation for Bangalore based Ashwin Mahesh has added yet another feather to his cap – his name finds a mention in “The Smart List 2012:50 people who will change the world released recently by wired UK.

Mr. Srinidhi, Karnataka State Planning Board stated that Area Traffic Information System (ATIS) is needed for the City.

The improvements to be done on K.G. Road.

Addl. CP, Traffic requested BBMP, BDA to complete the on-going works as mentioned below within 2 months duration of time since, the mansoon would be starting from April 15th, 2012 in Bangalore City.

  • At Nayandahalli Junction
  • At Marenahalli
  • Near BEL, Kuvempu Circle.
  • Drain work near Gali Anjaneya Temple on Mysore Road.
  • Binny Mill Road, Okalipuram Road.
  • Hosur Road widening

Prof: Ashwin Mahesh requested Mr. Sanjeev Kumar of TTIC to take up a study of the Big 10 routes and identify measures for Short Term improvements.
2) Campaign to improve Lane Discipline in the City.
A detailed discussion was held regarding the Lane Discipline in Bangalore City.  Mr. R.K. Mishra stated that the most of the roads in Bangalore City have 3.75m width of lane for vehicular movement and there is no compulsory for the same.  In line with this, Mr. R.K. Mishra requested Mr. Sanjeev Kumar of TTIC to find out 12 routes where non-uniformity of the roads to be identified and study would be done and the same is agreed to.

Directional arrows is must on all the roads in Bangalore City.

In signal phases, one phase to be exclusively provided for pedestrians.

Addl. CP, Traffic stated that a Lane Discipline Campaign would be initiated from 15th March, 2012 onwards in Bangalore City.

3) Safe Route to School
Addl. CP, Traffic, suggested three important components in this project i.e., (1) Seggregating of School Timings (2) Enhancing the Security & (3) Providing sound Public Transport System.  In this, Police had communicated with all the School Pricipals and the submission of the suggestions etc., would be on 13th February 2012.  He also mentioned that the Safe Route to Shool programme would be initiated in the coming Academic year.

4) Components of B-TRAC Project
Bangalore Traffic Police (BTP) had shown the video in the meeting about the B-TRAC Project and the components that had been implemented in the Bangalore City.  Addl. CP, Traffic requested all the members to give the suggestions about the Project.  Mr. Ashwin Mahesh stated that other dependency works such as road pot-hole filling, laying of bitumen on arterial/sub-arterial roads to be linked to BTRAC and specific allocation to be earmarked and then this must be grant provided in BBMP / BDA linked to the project out-put and taken up through BTRAC umbrella.

5) Other Issues
Medians to be pained with black and yellow colour on every 3 months.
Un-authorized road humps for 78 Nos. was cleared by BBMP and that the others were being undertaken.

The Meeting ended with the vote of thanks by Addl.CP, Traffic.

Muralidhar Rao

( Note: Subsequent to this meet, a suggestion has been made to use a sub-platform within PRAJA for online discussions amongst the members, apart from the discussions at the physical meets. If this happens, the three PRAJA members, Pranav, Satya and me hope to be in a position to make more effective interventions) comment guidelines

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