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Welcome appreciation of media's role by CM

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The CM is bothered about negative reports in the media. In his August meeting, he had asked officials to appoint a nodal officer to respond and issue clarifications to reports in the media.

“Only 2-3 department heads have followed my directive. Henceforth, you have to issue a clarification to the negative reports in the media. I won’t tolerate negligence or excuses in this regard. You have to send a clarification to my office the same day a report is published in the newspaper. If you don’t respond, the news will be construed as true by the people,’’ he said. CM to babus: Aim to achieve 100%.

For the full report in the ToI, click here.

Now, compared to the run-of-the-mill neta's, who keep palming off media reports pointing out wrongs as fabrications, it is most refreshing to find a CM directing his officers to check out the facts and issue necessary clarifications, which then also implies that they should act on the required corrections to the wrongs. Way to go, Sir.

Perhaps, the CM should also include the increasingly relevant Social Media in the scope of this exercise.

Muralidhar Rao


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I really appreciate this CM compared to others in this decade

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I really appreciate our CM Sadanada Gowda. He is not struck with any political jargons like our previous CM 'Yeddi' who always was concentrating on saving his chair and becoming too much 'spiritual' wasting his time in Mataas and Temples rather than thinking 'Janaseveye Janaardana Seve'.

Some of the good things this CM brought was pushing 'Namma Metro's'  reach 1 inaguration and approvals for Phase 2.  Hopefully he continues like this and even for improvement of other cities in our State. I appreciate his energy levels.

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CM should see the

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CM should see the site daily to understand the suggession made by all...its worth and he can take clue from the discussions happens here for the betterment of the scoiety.

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tough talk; how about some action?

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Showing that he means business and would not flinch even if he needs to take some tough decisions to restore the image of his government, chief minister DV Sadananda Gowda has said that he would take action against MLAs, MLCs and other VIPs who have been granted more than one BDA site under the chief minister’s discretionary quota, which is popularly known as the ‘G’ category sites.

Expressing concern at the growing might of the land mafia in the city, Gowda (CM) observed that land in Bangalore is being seen as gold and land grabbing had become rampant. “However mighty these land sharks may be, I will not succumb to them. Land mafia will be dealt with sternly,” he assured.

For the full report in the DNA, click here.

Welcome tough talk again. But, apparently, some of the mafioso are part of the government itself, like is quite evident in this instance (though not pertaining to land). So, can we expect any action to follow? And, how about acting on these letters that you invited people to write to you, mr CM?

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