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Stray dog menace

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Public Health

This past Saturday (11th June) morning, my son left home on his mobike at around 4.45, and as he was turning into the Shinivagilu village road, past the Ganesha temple (S T Bed layout), a pack of stray dogs attacked him. He dodged them and rode along, even as a few kept chasing. One of them took a snipe at his foot, even biting through his shoe, drawing blood. He then used his footballing skills to land a few kicks on a some of them, even while riding along, after which they withdrew.

He was headed to meet some friends in Indiranagar, and together they went to the AXON 24-hr clinic on 12th main, where he was given an inoculation each of anti-rabies (Verorab) and anti-tetanus vaccines. He has to have four more of the anti-rabies inoculations over the week. Being a 25 year-old, and enjoying fairly good health, he could generally take it all in his stride, though the side effects of the medications have caused him to miss work over the last two days.

There are stary dogs all over the layout, and I thought they had generally adopted a live and let live policy with the human beings. Also, even as the city as well as the country had been hotly debating the issue since long, I had generally taken a very neutral stand, particular with my daughter being an animal lover. But, this sudden vicious attack, has made me do a re-think on the policy.

My son is in fact talking of applying to the BBMP Commissioner for a gun license tackle the menace, if they themselves can't contain it. Having been at the receiving end, I can quite understand his frame of mind.

Muralidhar Rao


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Reasons for chasing to be found out and also the remedy

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@Murali Sir,

I am also kind of neutral on this issue mostly, but sometimes knowing of various scenes like this, I would really like to see some action, not in terms of killing those dogs or removing those dogs, but to find out what causes dogs to chase any car or bike? Is that the normal reaction of a normal dog? Or Do they do intentionally because of some reason sometime because of their bad eating habbiits or whatever?

Many times, I have also observed that simply standing group of dogs suddenly starts chasing and barking on the vehicles passig by, and they stop as you slow down or stop the vehicle. The behaviour is normal or something else? We also have a few meat shops in ST Bed, Are they helping those dogs to behave in this manner (after eating old or waste meat or whatever?)

We need to find out and then solve this issue all over the city.


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I have been chronicling the

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I have been chronicling the impotence (pun intended) of BBMP in tackling this issue here. Will they only do work if it comes thru a PIL? THey have to be taken off the streets! Period! All other observations/experiments can be conducted in the cozy confines of the PETA dog farm

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street dogs are natural

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 Dogs like to be around people. Keeping dogs inside the house and maintaining hygeine is difficult, and I do not see the effort is worth it. So the most optimal place for the dogs are streets and many people are happy to have the dogs on the street. Perhaps, I have this opinion because dogs have not attacked me.

But BBMP is not doing enough to maintain a balance. All street dogs should be neutered and vaccinated. The average life of dog on the street is about 4 years (from a DNA column). Then if large percent of dogs are neutered their population would drastically reduce in a very short time.

As mentioned above, there should be more sophisticated efforts to understand the behavior of dogs, on why they attack etc. There should be emergency response team who could understand the behavior of dogs and control the situation, which may include veterinarians who understand animal psychology. We should solve these problems more elegantly.

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 Keeping dogs inside the

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 Keeping dogs inside the house and maintaining hygeine is difficult, and I do not see the effort is worth it. So the most optimal place for the dogs are streets

Pretty much sums up the average mentality. It is difficult for me, not worth my time so let the rest of the  public bear the cost of my fancy for animals. I am surprised the rest of the world doesnt find dogs growing on streets feeding on unhygenic filth & plastics as natural, "optimal" & an "elagant" solution

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We have been facing dog menace problem in Jayanagr 9th block, either during walking or riding two wheeler. Despite giving complaints to BBMP, no action has been taken so far. Thru praja in can we take coplaints to BBMP for urgent action?

Prabhu,Jayanagar 9th block

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filed a complaint thro' Spandana

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Filed a complaint with BBMP through "Spandana". Let me see what happens. But, of course, this is a larger issue, and sending the dog squad over will solve the problem temporarily, at best.

Muralidhar Rao
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Yesterday morning, I have

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Yesterday morning, I have seen a few BBMP workers were injecting stray dogs in front of the shops at the exit of ST Bed (near to that strange park location). Must be sterlize injection.


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No end to problem, unless current laws are changed

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There are a lot of agressive and non-agressive strays in my area. We have door to door garbage collection but the strays are fed and given shelter by a few of the residents. Many residents have lodged a complaint with the BBMP regarding the strays which chase bikes, bite, attack etc. I too have lodged many complaints and have contacted every AWO (animal welfare organization) in Bangalore. I was assured by some of the AWO's and the BBMP that they will pick up the dogs (they are already sterilized) and release them somewhere else so that we are not bothered anymore. 

Unfortunately, all the dogs have been released back here on the insistence of the few residents who feed them as they are aware of certain laws that we werent. The ABC (Animal Birth Control) programme/laws says that if a stray dog is ferocious it is to be sterilized and released back in the same area. A sterilized dog cannot be put down, moved to a different area or even a shelter. The municipality is not allowed to implement any laws that run contrary to this. 

The BBMP health officer and the AWO representatives who had earlier assured me that they would release the dogs somewhere else are now claiming that they can't do anything as their hands are tied by these laws. Many PIL's have been filed against this law, but AWO's (most of who conduct the ABC programme) are fighting to keep this law in place. 

@Muralidhar Rao: I understand your son's frustration, but please dont let him harm the strays. Under Section 428 & 429 of the IPC, which makes harming an animal punishable, he can be fined and jailed for it. (I do get the irony of the situation)


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 Many PIL's have been filed

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 Many PIL's have been filed against this law, but AWO's (most of who conduct the ABC programme) are fighting to keep this law in place. 

Of course they can continue fleecing under the name of ABC

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My turn to get bit (almost)

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My turn to get bit (almost) at the offstreet parking facility on the side of total mall on old airport road. Of the 6 dogs in the parking lot and many outside, one of them crawled under the car and took ofense at being chased away, it had possibly already marked its territory under the car in the 30 mins it took me to have lunch. It was a timid bite and got the teeth only on the trousers as it was half afraid and was only biting in self defense. Had to shoo it & get away as the rest of them were intent on joining in.

So by not providing seperate areas for dogs we have created conflict & want to sustain that by saying they have to live on the streets fighting for spaces with humans. IMO Leaving them out on the streets is cruelty, they dont belong on the streets.

More reports on toothless efforts of BBMP. They have to sort out the legal issues & get cracking. The AWO's are perpetrating a scam in the name of ABC, its their money making scheme with no outcomes to show. This is corruption by NGO's & has to be probed by the lokpal under the ambit of the lokpal bill which anyway covers more NGO's than it does public servants.

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It has happened again

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My son was riding through Kodihalli (behind Leela Palace), around 10 PM Friday night, on his bike, and was suddenly attacked by a pack of stray dogs. Before he knew it, one of them bit his leg, right through the jeans he was wearing. The pictures tell the story graphically. Now he is onto the course of injections.

Next morning, a plumbing contractor our association had engaged to do some work in the complex, called up to say that he won't be making it, because - you guessed it - he was bitten by a dog while riding out to our place.

More and more, the menace is becoming unbearable.

Muralidhar Rao
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Stray dogs - Eradicate the vested interests

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I am wondering why stray dogs are still allowed on streets/public areas when the vast majority of people do not want them.

Oddly, some very insignificant groups have a bigger voice than their membership and claim to represent animal welfare organizations and the like with sole focus on keeping stray dogs around at public expense. (including the life of unfortunate humans).

The other odd thing to note is that so called public institutions (govt) and others listen to these one sided demands and allow strays to bark and bite and create a nuisance to humans without taking the opinion and welfare of humans into consideration.

More than the dogs themselves these vested interests need to be eradicated.

These vested interests not only want to 'save' the strays, but want them on the public streets. They have an agenda not compatible with the public interest.

What is the interest of the System in keeping these animals on the streets?

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Adopt this humane solution - food chain for wild animals

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Dog menace is not confined to large cities alone. The menace and terror being unleashed on human beings in urban areas needs to be controlled in a more effective manner. City garbage contains a lot of left-over food items that are laced with various kinds of chemicals and whether the canines are equipped with an immune system for digesting such chemicals is a debatable point. However, compared with the behavior of stray dogs a few decades ago, the present day dogs on the street are behaving in a ferocious manner. Vaccines are not readily available in case of dog bites. 

Here is the solution: Round up all street dogs, subject them to thorough medical check up, segregate the healthy ones, adore them with a numbered GPS collar and invite all those who emphathise and sympathise, to take as many dogs as possible subject to their giving a written undertakng that they will keep the dogs inside their homes and not allow them outside; if they abandon them and the dogs are found on the streets, they will have to pay a hefty fine. This way, we may contain the dog menace substantially. Even after this, we will be left with lots of dogs that are healthy but are a burden to society. These may be transported and let loose in nearest forest areas where man animal conflict is rampant. This way, we will help maintain food chain to the wild animals of the forests who can get their food in their domains so that we can prevent cheetahs, leopards, hyenas etc., riding nearby human habitats and carrying away dogs, cows, calves, fowls, because they are left with no naturally available food in forests.  This will result in multiple benefits - no need for spending money to cater after impounding, no need to spend money on culling them by vets and it would be a win-win situation.

These suggestions need not be considered as inhuman since there already exists a natural food chain system of similar nature in most forest areas where wild life exist and nobody expresses concern about such an arrangement.

Vasanthkumar Mysoremath


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The street dogs are not a

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The street dogs are not a menance, they are good. Their existence shows the maturity of the society, but some experts are needed for maintaining them. In my previous comment, I was unable to explain it. Elephants are used in festivals, if they make problems people dont kill it, there are experts who can handle them. Cows are on the street, and they are respected. Human beings are living close to the forest and actually converted forests to farms and then into cities, Not just tigers but deers buffaloes etc come out of the forest. Everytime human animal conflict exist, animals cannot be be killed; they need to be killed only in very rare circumstances, we have to coexist with them. Many dogs are being poisoned and killed that is what needs to be stopped.

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can the problem be just wished away?

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It was one of those short happy outings the two often made, the doting nanny and the toddler in a pram. Kavitha was wheeling 18-month-old Keshav to a milk parlour a few metres from their Vidyaranyapura home on Wednesday afternoon when horror unfolded.

A pack of 6-8 stray dogs came from nowhere, pounced upon them and dragged little Keshav out of the pram. Dazed at first, Kavitha,18, swung into action. She flung herself and covered the baby, shielding him from the snapping teeth and piercing claws as the dogs viciously mauled her. They tore her clothes and bit her on the legs, thighs and back. But she refused to let go, holding the terrified boy tight until people gathered and drove the dogs away.

For the full text of the report in the ToI, click here

Apart from the report, Times has given its view as below:

It's an issue that is barking for some resolution. While dog lovers feel strays have a right to live, others see the rising number of street dogs as a menace. Both are right. While strays needn't necessarily be culled, the BBMP needs to step up sterilization measures effectively to reduce their numbers. Often innocent kids are the unwitting targets of the stray menace. Animal lovers could vigorously campaign for adoption of strays or set up more welfare centres so that the canines don't end up ruling the streets.

But, this is what we have been hearing after each incident, even with frequency and ferocity increasing progressively, and BBMP's capacity to manage the situation regressing simultaneously. Where are we headed? Can we just wish away the problem?

Incidentally, on a recent visit to two European cities, I found dogs aplenty - all tethered to their masters; not a single stray.

Muralidhar Rao
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Illegal meat shops and garbage debris at all corners in the city

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One aspect we are forgetting is mushrooming of illegal meat shops all around the city without the proper waste disposal system.

Also, garbage debris every corner in the city cause the dog menace more.

BBMP is responsible for both of these reasons.

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Dogs and Praja - 3 yrs and no change!

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In China, people would have gone on a rampage killing all dogs in the vicinity, but I guess we are indians can only kill women and burn them.

While I have utmost sympathy for dogs that are forced to feed on garbage and nowhere to go - a problem created by humans to begin with by domesticating these animals; I would not hesitate to kill and sell a species of animal that has proved itself a pest. I see it as a Australia sees goats - pests. We could sell dog meat to Chinese/Vietnamese consumers.

The best way to deal with is to create a legal cell for the victims of dog bites and sue the BBMP and dog-supporting organizations until they learn to behave in the interests of humans.

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Laxity on the part of BBMP to

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Laxity on the part of BBMP to clear garbage has contributed to this mess. Most people lack awareness and leave garbage in plastic bags outside their homes. Most dogs are attracted to this unsegregated garbage. The problem becomes worse if the garbage has left over meat and bones.

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treat dog bite <important>

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off topic but necessary information. what do we do after a dog bite? go to the nearest doctor who will adminster Rabipur?

That may or may not work after a dog bite because the vaccine is mostly for prevention of rabies to be taken before a bite.. rabies immunoglobulin needs to be taken immediately after a bite and there are 2 types of from human serum and the other is horse serum..

The horse serum one needs to be tested on you before it is admistered and is relatively cheaper than the human one!

But the most important part is where is this immunoglobulin available?

It is not available in all Blr south its only available in KIMS 

There is dog bite emergency room there open 24 hours and they will be able to treat you asap..I think the other place this immunoglobulin is available is in Bowring.

So please be aware, a series of injections of Rabipur does not protect you against a dog bite if admistered after the bite..please take the  rabies immunoglobulin!

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Great Info. BBMP is dilly

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Great Info. BBMP is dilly dallying on the issue of stray dogs. Maybe someday some disgruntled residents of Bangalore will take to mass killing of these dangerous dogs. 

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Kerala HC on precedence of man's rights over those of dogs'

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When the rights of man and dog are in conflict, man's rights should get precedence, says the Kerala high court. The oral observation by a division bench comprising Chief Justice Manjula Chellur and Justice P R Ramachandra Menon came while considering petitions seeking measures to control the menace of stray dogs. Priority to man's rights over that of his best friend became the subject of court's discussion when a Mumbai-based NGO alleged that rights of dogs are being violated and that even pregnant dogs can be seen on the streets.

For the full text of the report in the ToI, click here.

It's an all-India problem, and proper solutions need to be found, and fast too. Whichever the way, the streets need to be rid of the menace totally.

Muralidhar Rao
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Iran: threat of lashes or fine for walking the dog

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Iran: threat of lashes or fine for walking the dog


A group of Iranian MPs has proposed making it a criminal offence to keep dogs as pets or walk them in public, with offenders subject to 74 lashes or a fine.

Iran’s reformist Shargh newspaper reported on Thursday that 32 members of parliament, who are mostly affiliated to the conservatives, had put forward the proposal for the legislative body to vote on.

If the bill passes the Majlis (Iranian parliament), “walking dogs, trading them or keeping them at home will be punishable by 74 lashes or a fine of 1m to 10m Tomans [an equivalent of £200 to £2,000],” Shargh said.

“Walking and playing with animals such as dogs and monkeys outdoors and in public places are harmful to the health and the peace of other people, especially kids and women, and are against our Islamic culture,” the bill says.

Elias Naderan, Esmail Kowsari and Fatemeh Alia are among influential Iranian parliamentarians who support the proposal.

Iranian police forces, licensed hunters, farmers and shepherds are exempted from the punishment, according to the bill, which aims at cracking down on people who take their pets outdoors.

According to Islamic custom, dogs are unclean. Iranians avoid keeping them at home in general, though a minority, especially in north Tehran’s wealthy districts, enjoy keeping pets.

Iran’s morality police, deployed in public places, have previously cracked down on dog owners, cautioning them or confiscating their animals. They also caution people whose clothes or hairstyles are deemed inappropriate.

Hardliners in Iran are particularly worried about what they call a “cultural invasion” from the west and see pet ownership, especially dogs, as an imitation of western culture.

Senior officials have previously warned citizens against dog ownership, including the police chief, Esmail Ahmadi-Moghaddam, who said two years ago that his forces were ready to deal with those who defied the regulations.

Ayatollah Makarem Shirazi, a prominent hardline cleric, has also previously issued a fatwa against keeping dogs.

It was not clear if the majority of Iranian MPs would approve such a bill but the parliament is dominated by conservatives who are likely to share the views of those behind the proposal.


With all the communal unrest, Modi can prove that he is secular by seeking to pass such a law here. comment guidelines

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