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7 Horrors of Bangalore

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Bangalore Mirror has invited citizens to select the "7 Wonders of Bangalore". Simultaneously, if one was to nominate "7 Horrors of Bangalore" (or more), my list will include the following (not necessarily in the order of listing):

1) the Cauvery junction U-turn over-pass; 2) the Sophia school junction sky-walk; 3) National College fly-over; 4) Richmond town fly-over (which has now been salvaged to some extent); 5) Bellandur tank; 6) Garuda Mall.

Well, there are a lot more. May be PRAJA should attempt a listing based on nominations from members.

On the opther hand, the only good public space the city has acquired recently, that I can think of readily, is the Freedom Park.

Muralidhar Rao



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JP Park at North Bangalore

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Things are improving to some segments but other side, its going worse.

Regarding parks, last few years its improved for Bangalore,  Traffic is going down day by day.

JP Park at Mathiekri is 3rd Largest park after Lalbagh & Cubbaon Park,  its lush green place to spend time.

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TTMCs built by BMTC

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BMTC has spent a lot of money from JNNURM in TTMC, some are good, some very useless and many are unnecessary and most of them not falling as per the sanctioned plan. 

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Why Garuda mall?

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Just curious - why is Garuda mall on that list?


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My 7 horrors

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 1. Sidewalks - almost every meter of them

2. Richmond Circle flyover

3. ORR-Varthur Road Jn - has to be one of the most ugly places on earth.  I feel depressed whenever I see it from the inside of a Volvo bus.

4. KR Market Bus Stand 

5. Silkboard Jn

6. Sarakki Lake

7. Garbage in polythene packets thrown along the road (BBMP's amazing approach to health and hygiene).


Drive safe.  It is not just the car maker which can recall its product.

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I will give the top spot to the Subway between the City Railway Station and the K.G. Bus Station.


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Famous KR Puram Bridge

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 Adding to the list, KR Puram flyover on Old Madras Road. 

Silkboard to Jayadeva via BTM is another stretch, we may need a BETL here.

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Pedestrian facilities at all

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Pedestrian facilities at all places are horros of every person in Bangalore. Travelling on saturday afternoon is one other major Horror . Peak hour traffic is better than Saturday afternoon trafiic-it used to be irritating returning from college on saturdays

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My 7 horrors

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Good thing going here! My list

  1. Hosur Elevated Tollway - under this monument, peds crossing like cattle being chased by vehicles.
  2. 2 km walk to change buses one direction to another, at Marathahalli and every big intersection on ORR
  3. The "Yellow plate" club, driving like hell
  4. Public Transport Connect at City Railway station. Long and painful walk from station to Majestic, dragging your luggage unless you want to haggle with a "porter"
  5. Old people walking up and down the steps at City Railway station. What a shame that a place used by 20 times more people tan the airport doesn't have escalators and lifts.
  6. Slow killing of Bellandur Lake (and adjoining ones too - Varthur Lake soon)
  7. No big new park in a decade, though city double its population in that time.

Sorry for an eighth, but have to have a spot for

  • BDA or whoever else is responsible for town planning. For most adjoining suburbs that have popped up (aka 'developed') after 1995/1996, road widths, amenities etc are shameful.


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tree cutting horror..

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mindless tree cutting and a 'no tree on streets' attitude of the authorities is a serious horror!

apart from this all the ones SB lists above and more are worst horrors along with..Tagore circle under pass 

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Why not to add these things

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Platform No. 8 and 10 of Bangalore City Railway Station

Banashankari Bus Stand

Kalasipalyam Bus Stand (both earmarked for BMTC, Private and unofficial bus stand of Contract Carriages)

Dr. Raj Kumar Road's KSRTC Drop Point near Navarang Circle

Yeshwantpur and K.R.Puram Stations between 6:00 PM and 7:00 AM (Especially Auto Stands)

Satellite Bus Stand in Mysore Road during rainy season (very slippery)

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couple of horrors

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Bus stops just after a traffic signal and no proper bus bays.


traffic jams


Richmond flyover can be tried for Guinness records




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the qualifying factor

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@ Vinay  -  On Garuda mall being on my list - check this

Muralidhar Rao
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K.R .Market in its current condition should top the list .

Please find the details below for my recomendation.



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Nothing can beat our K.R.Market from the top, 2nd in the list should go for the K.R.Puram bridge for the condition today.

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Survey time?

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May be we should try an online survey now with all the items in comments above. That should throw out a clear top-7.

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I vote for the cauvery

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I vote for the cauvery junction magic box.Mekhri circle under pass(bus stop right after coming from the under pass clogs the traffic and on the other side traffic going towards jaymahal road) . KR Market is one of the place which is a black spot for namma bengaluru. The condition to improve, at this place may take ages.Richmond town flyover is one structure which bangalore did not ask for.

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More pictures, please!

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 (The net gulped my first attempt - sorry if this gets duplicated.)

As a non-native I would love to see some pictures from these locations (more than the two now there). Can you please click & upload (or provide links)?

I know how it's like. Been a couple of times and survived - so far. I do like the city.

- Asko Kauppi

Helsinki, Finland

- asko

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