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Policing the Police

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I was on my daily dinner routine. Happened to see this on-duty police person walking out of his official patrol van called ‘Hoysala'. He walked up to the cashier of this local restaurant, grabbed some money, and was matter-of-factly walking back. Not that this was the first time I saw such a thing - but, I don't know what became of me (perhaps Bollywood effect?). I looked him in the eye and gestured to him asking him what he was up to. Read more at



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Is it an Open Secret

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There is a nice saying in Kannada which goes like this. Praja Rakshakare, Praja Bhakshakaru Aadaga, which means that rulers themselves become the looters of citizens. We have had many such instances in the past, especially in indian history this is not uncommon. But, as civilization takes its next steps, every one is trying to find out new ways of making money, no matter who they are no matter where they are it is such a shame...... Have witnessed such instances earlier, when i saw a pani puri wala harassed. I thought WOW!!!!!!! WILD JUNGLE !!!! WE ARE JUST MUTE SPECTATORS!!! BETTER BE THAT WAY AS CITIZENS DONOT HAVE ANY PROTECTION OTHER THAN CALLING GOD, WHO IS NO WHERE TO BE SEEN....... DO WE NEED ANOTHER REVOLUTION!!!! THE GRT INDIAN CITIZEN REVOLUTION !!!!!!

Legal unawareness

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One cannot blame the police all the time. We ourselves do not know how to exercise our rights. Legal unawareness is as much a crime as legal ignorance.

Since i am a builder, i know how the police comes for their usual "maamul" (i.e hafta) especially during  night times when we were laying concrete for our building.

I decided to stand down the building for a change to trap the police. The constable came up to me and asked me if we had permission. I told him yes and i had a copy of the letter that i had submitted to my jurisdictional police.

Then he told me Heavy Truck Vehicles are not allowed. I then replied to him they are under the Indian Motor Vehicles Act. He became pale and then told me to give him 100 Rs for his day.  I did not give.

Sometimes, i pity the police. They are paid very less. Infact, a constable makes about Rs. 5000 a month and that is why he is forced to take bribes.

Nevertheless, people should be educated and should strive to understand how the legal system works in india.

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I think mcadambi had hit the

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I think mcadambi had hit the nail on the head. Information really is power. The cops take advantage of the fact that they have some information, like what trucks are allowed, while the common man may not. They make use of this ignorance to make money out of us.
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the level of corruption goes

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the level of corruption goes to the top. If a constable wants a promotion he has to pay up a bribe of close to 10 laks (is what i hear. Also, I hear the policemen's have targets everymonth (for collection of bribe) which is then transferred way up!...and if you don't meet the target you are transferred!
Narayan Gopalan
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corruption before entering politics?

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Seat aspirants for various parties are being made to pay huge sums, sometimes going more than 1 crore for one seat!

So one person who would pay this(5-10% of his total cost for fighting elections) and win will want to make atleast 10 times of this money as they come to power..or even more!

If this is the way we want to run govts then no wonder we will never ever come up!

Namma desha uddharaane agolla!

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the police mafia

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Cops are people like us. I really pity the lower rung of cops - especially the traffic guys and the beat constables. They live a pathetic life. Has anyone checked how these guys are "used" - for want of a better word. I had a SP as a neighbour for a few months and this guy had 5 cops working for him home. One cop who washed the vessels, mopped the house, helped "buy" vegetables (never saw an exchange of money though). There was another guy who helped tend the gardens, generally kept the place clean, another 2 guys who took turns guarding the house and shooing away anybody who would be in the SP's way to/fro home. Finally a full time driver - who would come for the 5 am 'jog' at lalbagh ( a good 4 kms away) in a gypsy drop the kids to school and back home ( of course in a "police" jeep) and the regular driver to take the SP to office (or wherever) and drop him back in the evenings/night. God knows how many SP and above 'officers' we have. Add politicians, government servants (IAS Wallahs) and the Judges. No wonder we dont have cops to police the roads, catch thieves and generally take care of the 'paying public'.  I heard recently the circle inspector of our area is a prized cop and has a reputation that everyone fears and is scared of him crossing their paths. He is legendary for his bribe taking and 'cut' in everything. God save us.  

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very good observation; i

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very good observation; i fully agree with you.

this is not the case with police alone; but i am inclined to think this is also the place in all other departments, more so in govt. departments.

first the top bosses should be policed before police do the job for public

best solution would be to raise the level of eductation required to enter service for policemen and police constables; if this is not possible, for some reason, then, after admission into the police force, it should be mandatory for the police force to impart education to these men immediately upon joining the police force. in this manner, they will also get educated, attain some dignity in their proffession and it will be embarrasing for the seniors to use the police constables for such jobs.

Srinath Heragu

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police and corruption

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these guys COPS pay heavy bribe to get plush postings , tranfers etc.  then how they do earn it back. only way to squeeze the public for flimy reasons. corruptin is in their blood and cant be eradicated. in fact police station do not have stationery items like pens , carbon papers pins , writing papers etc. poor PCs have to manage somehow. whom to blame. no workings hours, dominating bosses, poor salary less educated and large families are some of the reasons , make them corrupt.





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Soli Sorabjee Committee report provides the answers

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At the instance of the Supreme Court, a committee headed by Soli Sorabjee was set up, and its recommendations are before the governments. And, even with the Supreme Court getting after them repeatedly, both the Central and State governments are moving on them in a lackadaisical fashion if at all. The civil society has to bring on the pressures.

Muralidhar Rao

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