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greening of Paris

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As Asian cities demonstrate their development through an extensive network of expressways and flyovers, Paris, recipient of the World Sustainable Transportation Award, shows the way forward to making our cities more livable…


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only meta-lessons

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cvikash has been pioneering these types of ideas here. you can read about his ideas here: i like their ideas, especially, their take on speed. urban driving involves a lot more decision making than intra-city travel. and high speeds cannot be safe in such environments. but for our purposes, i think it is important to understand that paris is a different type of city. it is at a different stage of growth and evolution when compared to bangalore. for example, it already has a certain level of existing infrastructure. 100 years ago it had a wider and longer metro network than bangalore will have in the next 50 years. it now has more than 200 kms of metro and close to 300 stations. based on that paris can think of all these types of next generation or phase II types of ideas. phase I is networks. bangalore is really an overgrown village in terms of infrastructure. as a city it is in phase 0.5 of growth. we donot even have phase I. iirc, most "arteries", if you can call them that, are overloaded by a factor of 2-3. even if they rationalize fuel prices, impose entry fee in CBD etc etc, existing infra cannot handle the burden. let me not get into planning, sewage and water networks. for me the take home message from that article, is not the particulars of what they did - the brts, the cycles, the IT based solutions etc... but the political structure in which they were able to implement tough decisions. the story is inspirational for its meta message -- baupin having the attitude, the power, the money and the support of wise expert counsel to be able to stand tall and against the grain. any chance of a subramanya or a jerome measuring up? even if they could, personally, are there any on anybody's rolls in bangalore who have the expertise and the vision to deal with bangalore's problems? not to mention the systemic issues... governance and deliverance systems are so poor that it is impossible for people to trust govt on compensation. they cannot even plan an alignment of a road without getting entangeled in political considerations. (what is it, version 5 of PRR alignment?) add to all this political rhetoric and idealogy laced newspaper editorials and theory peddlers. you cannot cut trees for roads, you cannot cut trees for metro. aquiring land and cutting trees for road widening is frowned upon, but if they are doing the same to cut 30x40, 40x60 sites then it is ok. what nonsense. entire river basins have been sacrificed to make way for 40x60s and nobody batted a lid. 99% of this applies to any random indian city bar dilli.
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has merits; but can't be replicated here totally

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Precisely. And, that's why I feel the solution as detailed at is far more relevant, and more importantly cost-effective in the Bangalore context. Also, if tree cutting becomes the last resort, nobody has any serious objection. The problem is when that becomes the first resort, and thereafter everything remains muddled, and removal of the tree hasn't served any purpose at all. Muralidhar Rao
Muralidhar Rao
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yeah that is a valid objection. matter of credibility really. there is almost no record of palike or bda of having thought through their plans. even with the bellary road, for example, where is the master plan, where is the analysis? what gives anybody, who is interested, the confidence that this all this some really well thought out plan and not some adhoc shoot from the hip? the onus for establishing credibility rests entirely on the authorities. that much i agree. i cannot stress this enough. if there is any good money in the coffers of the city, they should invest in some experts and let them decide what needs to be done. if only the money spent on 1 magic box were spent on hiring 1 expert ... comment guidelines

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