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Hoardings, Banners and Visual Pollution...

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For the past 2 months banners such as the ones below have been very conspicuous by their size and nuisance value all over JP Nagar and parts of Jayanagar. I am sure other localities have their equivalents.

In a couple of places they are over 30ft in height and are positioned at road corners such that they obstruct the view of traffic as they turn. Periodically we have also seen some political one being put up too - but those get pulled down within a week or so. But in these cases, we have noticed that once the old ones wear down they are replaced by fresher, more colourful ones. 

Yes, there is a BBMP act by which one can file an FIR against these banners being raised and that BBMP will initiate action. But the point is this - why an FIR? Why not a simple complaint with BBMP for them to act on it? Another "novel" idea: Considering how visible these banners are, BBMP officials must have noticed these too. Would they consider initiating action by themselves? Why not?

On a separate note, it seems certain that the two parent spiritual organizations invoked in these banners have not authorised these outlets or the hoardings they advertise. These appear to be operators looking to cash in on the reputation of the larger organizations. Certainly those organizations would not stoop to such loud advertising, would they?




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