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Karnataka State pollution control board (KSPCB) - active?

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They have 10 offices in Bangalore alone (isnt that good news ;)
They have a lot of laboratories which are set up for KSPCB for data analysis and data gathering.
The site says "Samples collected by the Regional Offices of the Board, Industries, Organizations and from general public are analysed."
When i read this I only get evil ideas (evil because it might not be fun for a lot of people)

They have listed a number of parameter that they analyze.
Industrial waste water has: 41 parameters
Air: 6 parameters
Water: 26 parameters.

They have things like "monthly avg result of national ambient air quality" and "classification of river water quality as per GEMS and MINARS"
The only small, tiny winy problem is they have failed to update any new reports and the last one is of 2007.

The last annual plan has been put up for year 2006-2007.

So I have a simple question, what happened to KSPCB? Does it exist? If it does then where are the reports?
If they have reports then cant we file RTI to get it?
Obviously the state govt must be putting in some (a lot) of money for these things. Time to make the most of it :)

Water sample parameters
air sample parameters


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KSPCB is dead

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Never knew it existed, did not do much when it was around and finally has given up its ghost unsung...:)

The funeral will be held in the Vrishbhavati valley where about 200 million litres of raw sewage flows every day. The ashes will be dispersed in Bellandur lake...which as per GEMS and MINARS is absolutely fine for dispersing ashes.

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KSPCB hidden jewels

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If they have data and dont mind sharing it we can publish it here on Praja. Does anybody know who to reach out to in KSPCB?

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contact info on their site

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They have a few numbers on the site.

I could call and find out if they are operational and if yes then maybe ask for info.

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The bane of revenue orientation

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The Pollution Control Board charges its so-called ‘consent fees’ in far higher proportion compared to the actual work it is required to do, and blows up the revenue generated in putting up fancy office complexes in prime commercial locations.

For more on that, click here

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