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Idea for Bus day event - bus only corridors?

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For the bus day, one of the things in discussion is to block a few corridors and allow only buses. Does anyone have any idea which corridors can be used? Also there should be a possible diversion for the cars and auto etc to go.

It would be very helpful if it can be mapped on a google map.

We need suggestion by tomorrow evening so that the plan can be proposed. Please give suggestions.


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Another idea, may be easier to pull off

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will be great if this can be pulled off. But at least on the east side, main corridors don't have parallel roads that can be used as alternate routes for cars etc on that day. Airport Road, Old Madras Road, ITPL/Mahadevapura main road, Varthur Road - these are the roads where bus day will have impact. But can't think of alternate routes here.

One possibility would be to Take some stretches of Airport Road (or any corridor), and make bus dedicated lanes only for the bus day.

Like in Marathahalli - throughout Mhalli, railway bridge, market area - make one lane towards ITPL in morning, and one lane going in to the city bus only, can use plastic cone like thingies. See below

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I am sure on other corridors also there will be crowded points like these where 1-bus-lane experiment can be tried on the bus day.

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Outer ring road After Sarjapur Road Junction - Marathalli Bridge

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 Stretch where ORR has got service road can be made a dedicated bus lane. Daily lots of cars gets accumulated here and lots of cars take even the service road. Stretch between service road and the median can be made bus dedicated.

Lots of people are taking Volvos and other buses. Most of the ITPL buses like 333P and 500 series run full. Why not dedicated lanes to ease the commute of many travelling in buses.

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bus day

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It’s a great idea to have dedicated bus lanes.  But first we need to make it work. Few simple actions can be taken to improve the traffic.  Should try this out on bus day.

  1. Do not allow parking for autos cars or any other vehicle on the bus lane
  2. Do not allow autos to drop or pick-up passengers  on bus lane.
  3. Fruit & Vegetable push carts cannot be in the bus lanes  
  4. Where ever the roads are wide,  make double bus lanes for buses to overtake each other,
  5. buses should only travel in their designated lanes
Later it can be looked at how plan a bus route where by they should only make left turns
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Bus lanes/bi-directional bus movements

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Some of the streets that I feel should be made bi-directional for buses –
Corridor 1
  1. Palace Road –
Maharani’s Circle to Mysore Bank Circle (have you noticed that there is no provision for right turn at Maharani’s on top of the new underpass if Seshadri Road is made bi-directional); this is a no-parking street and bus lanes are possible as the road has been widened too
  1. KG Road –

Mysore Bank Circle to Corporation;

Corridor 2
St.Mark’s Road –
  1. Cash Pharmacy to Anil Kumble Junction (parking to be removed)
Corridor 3
Kasturba Road
  1. Coffee Day Junction to Corporation Circle
Corridor 4
Richmond/Residency area
  1. Residency Road –
Mayo Hall to Richmond Circle
  1. Richmond Road –
Richmond Circle to Victoria Road cross (just before the captured Army Tank)
Corridor 5
JC Road area
  1. Minerva Circle to Lalbagh Gate (near MTR)
  2. JC Road – Corporation Circle to Minerva Circle
Currently buses move in the opposite direction under a mix use pattern on the above roads; the proposed movements are only for buses. In fact, not too long ago, buses were moving on KG Road from Mysore Bank Circle to Corporation Circle and on Ulsoor Police Station Road.
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remember - ideas for bus day

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Sorry, but just so that we don't get into specifics, this is about what can be suggested for a bus day event, a single day event.

Arun, good ideas there. Experimenting with two way ONLY for buses on those routes could be tried on the bus day. But it may confuse regular commuters as the buses will have to take slightly different route and skip some stands.

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Hosur road from Silboard to EC

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 I have not been on hosur road until EC recently but if i am not wrong a service road exists from silkboard till EC. We can make the regulartraffic use service road or( BETL if it is ready by then).

The advantages of this corridor being:

Unlike other roads, we will not have to barricade one lane.( which i think might be both a logistical headache and impossible to implement considering the indiscplined traffic)

This caters to the IT traffic to Electronic city.So, if we have a good number of switching to bus it would be a great postitive.

After BETL is open, i think  having a bus rapid transport system on this road makes a lot of sense.So, this can be used to evaluate the idea.

However, i must add we need to do lot of marketing and speak to companies in electronic city to make this a success. Also, truck traffic probably needs to be blocked that day.


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my thoughts

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>>Corridors to allow only buses

I don’t think this would be feasible idea as it involve lot of coordination from the public and Traffic police and of course BMTC staff. I am thinking this from the perspective of Alternate Road Availability and bus drivers maintaining Lane Discipline and other vehicle crossing over the bus lanes.

Even in case feasible , bus commuters would be Maharaja for only a day and inconvenience to other mode commuters might target their wrath and might even lead to negative publicity.

In my view we need identify one/two corridors for bus day - - ORR /White Field Road/ Hosur Road . Then work on mechanism of providing Bus Priority Signals along with Traffic Police for the identified corridor for a day

  • Dedicated Lanes for Buses at Traffic Junctions
  •  Provide Priority Signal for Buses at intersections. 

And study the Traffic Movement for The day. (Video Recording at some important junctions ?)


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Bus Lanes

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You are right Pranav.  These streets were 2 ways not too long ago.  A few days of prior intimation would be helpful. 

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Contra lanes an excellent idea

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Have been thinking along the same lines.  Buses have been very badly impacted by the introduction of one ways.  Each time a road is converted to a one way we lose 50% of bus stops, 50% of road space, etc.  Which is why we see so many buses milling at bus stops on Seshadri Road, Residency Road and Richmond Road among others.

Buses going towards Jayanagar/Srinagar (2,12,18,36,43) can come along Seshadri Road, turn right onto Palace Road, come down KG Road (again wide enough for 1 bus contra lane) turn right to JC Road, follow JC Road and join RV Road.  Very few cars and bikes anyway drive on the right extreme of KG Road or JC Road. 

Buses from Indiranagar can turn right at Vellara Jn, come down Museum Road, turn left onto a contra lane on Residency Road and then head to Majestic. 

This will face massive resistance from the BTP.  The first objection will be - how do we enforce it?  Not practical, etc




Drive safe.  It is not just the car maker which can recall its product.

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Praja monthly meet and Bus Day

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The online skype meet was inconclusive as the key players, Manjari/ Syed/ Rithesh could not join.

We may plan the monthly meet as a joint visit to Jayanagar TTMC with reps of BMTC where the Bus Day also can be discussed.

Will Saturday, Nov. 8th (8-30am ) be suitable?


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Monthly meet

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Please correct the date as 7th Nov.

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