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The 'Upper house' concept - some replies


Dear Friends, this is to clarify on the concept of ‘upper house’ which seems to be widely discussed some time ago in Praja.

A small note for IAS aspirants - Civil Services Examination

Everything else

Wanted Praja to host an often requested note on civil services examination. Hope it is okay to host this one-off small note for IAS aspirants.

About Media watching MUDA meetings

Everything else

Sharing a copy of the letter sent to MUDA members regarding allowing media to watch MUDA meetings.


MUDA/PS/2009-10        Date:02-11-2009

Respected Member of MUDA,

Warm Greetings to you!

Mysore: Some Clarifications on Demolitions

InfrastructurePedestrian Infrastructure

Dear Friends,
As no more comments are forthcoming on the issues, let me try to answer all the queries raised.

Press Note - FAQ on demolitions in Mysore

InfrastructurePedestrian Infrastructure

Clarifications sought by the shop keepers and public of Mysore City about the recent encroachments removal by the Mysore City Corporation, is given as under with actual facts and legal position for the information of the public.

Q1. Why is this encroachment removal being done?

A factual account of violence in Mysore city, July 2009


Here is a summary of the events that occurred, it almost catches all the important aspects and, its official. There is always a risk that somebody may pick out of context and write a page on it, but, then, let the people know the facts. Let it be discussed, so that valuable lessons may be drawn from that.

July, 2nd: Thursday

Electoral rolls - response from Manivannan

Dear Friends,

Now that the posts on ‘Electoral Roll’ appear to have concluded, it’s time to respond to the issues raised. Many of the issues raised such as ‘bad system’, ‘where the buck stops?’, ‘dedicated official is an oxymoron’ etc are generic and serious in nature; let’s examine the issues with facts and figures.

Facts are important because, such a forum, having committed citizens who have time and energy to contribute positively to the state, must be exposed to facts and not subsist on the assumptions, however enticing they may be!

Sincere Regrets and next date.

Dear Murali and friends,

My sincere regrets for postponing the meeting. I apologize for the inconvenience caused. The law and order situation at Mysore on that day kept me busy. Coming Saturday (11th) is the day for scrutiny of the nominations. Hence we can have the meeting tentatively on 18th (Saturday), and if we miss that, then it is only after the elections.

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