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A request to Metro users

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Metro Rail

Took my first trip in namma metro yesterday from Majestic to Indiranagar. Its 15 minutes journey spot on. Station and tokens were good. Some north Indians trying to cut the que which was expected as they do in Delhi and Gurgaon.

One issue I have is the crowding near the doors. Why so many stand near the door even though they travel longer? Saw 4-5 people at the door when I got into metro in Majestic. They were still standing near the door when I got down in Indiranagar. There were few standing in the space (between the seating), but many standing near the door for no reason. This will cause inconvenience to those who step into the metro and to those who have to get down in their station. I saw a girl getting into the coach and stood right at the door leaning against the grill next to the door. She was still there standing when I got down. Is it in our blood to do this or those are mental cases? If they are mental cases, I guess they should not be traveling in the metro. My request to the Metro users is not to crowd near the door. You are blocking other passengers from getting in and out.

Looking forward to the new green line going south. comment guidelines

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