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Karnataka High Court Judgement on Land Acquisition for PRR

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It is quite unfortunate that the Honourable High Court of Karnataka had quashed the BDA recent preliminary Notification for acquisition of 372 acres of land in connection with the formation of Peripheral Ring Road to ease the vehicular traffic. BDA wanted this extent of land for approach roads and Toll Plazas. Further, they needed land for forming FLY OVERS. Since it is an ambitious project there has been some changes in the project scheme when the ground reality was realised by the BDA. The Honourable High Court also had observed that the BDA should leave the formation of roads to the professional bodies like National Highways Authority of India. In fact the BDA had entrusted the work of formation of PRR to the NHAI a couple of years back but the NHAI had refused to undertake the work on the ground that they could form road up to a width of 60 meters and the PRR happened to be a 100 meters wide road.  It is not known whether the Advocates of BDA had properly presented the necessity of the above acquisition before the Honourable Judge is not known.


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Details of judgement?

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Sir, do you have more details on the judgement. Why exactly was the notification quashed? Due to compensation issues? Or improper justification for the project or public purpose?

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Dear Sirs,

I have no details of judgement. I have only news paper information on the Judgement. It seems that the Honourable Judge of the Karnataka High Court felt that there was no proper justification for the for the PRR. We are given to understand that the Honourable judge is not convinced of the technical expertise of the BDA. It can be understood from the observation made by the Honourable Judge that the BDA should leave the formation of roads to the experts like NHAI.

The Honourable Judge seems not to have gone into the details of justification for the Project or whether it is for the public purpose. Details of the Judgement may  give the right reason.

Yours truly,

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