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Socio-Economic and Environmental Impact of Namma Railu !

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It is my pleasure to present a case study of Socio-Economic and environmental impact of proposed Namma Railu services in Bengaluru. The report is a study on impact of Socio, politico, economical and environmental on the Bengaluru City in the context of proposed Suburban/Commuter rail services.



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Metrics of Delhi Metro confirms the analysis!

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In a recent response to parliament, these were listed as the metro’s effects on Delhi:

  • Daily reduction of 3.9 lakh vehicles from the roads
  • Annual reduction of 2.76 lakh tons of fuel (about 2 million barrels)
  • Annual reduction of 5.77 lakh tons of pollutants
  • Reduction in deaths on roads (125)
  • Faster commutes

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